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31.1.2014. – BLIC: Michael Davenport in Vranje regarding the anniversary of Federation of Roma associations

Chief of EU mission in Serbia, ambassador Michael Davenport, said on Thursday evening in Vranje that he is honored with fact that he is present on the ceremony by which if marked 45th anniversary of Federation of Roma associations of Serbia. – It is great honor for me to be here and that I can personally congratulate this significant anniversary. ... Read More »

31.1.2014. – B92: Authorities don’t understand discrimination too

Research of the office of trustee for equality protection shows that great majority of representatives of public authorities don’t understand and don’t recognize discrimination. More than a fifth of representatives of public authorities in Serbia don’t know that every form of discrimination is forbidden by law, and there’s great percentage who tolerate such behavior, it’s result of this research. Research ... Read More »

31.1.2014. – Paunovic in visit to the Federation of Roma associations of Republic of Serbia in Vranje

Director of the Government of Republic of Serbia’s Office for human and minorities’ rights Suzana Paunovic was present on the ceremony regarding the 45th anniversary since establishinf of the Federation of Roma associations of Republic of Serbia in Vranje. Federation of Roma associations has organized in cooperation with the Federation of Roma associations from Pcinjsko-jablanicki region a pleasant converse in ... Read More »

31.1.2014. – Glas Istre: Rovinj – With strengthening of minorities’ identity to equality

In organization of the Istria Region and under the president of Republic of Croatia Ivo Josipovic’s high patronage, today in Rovinj was held closing conference “1st Adriatic Intercultural Day”, which is being held within the European project S.I.M.P.L.E. (Strenghtening the Identity of Minority People Leads to Equality). As Bahrija Sejfic, deputy head of the Government of Republic of Croatia’s Office ... Read More »

31.1.2014. – ERIO: ERIO’s recommendations to the Greek EU Presidency

From January until June 2014,  Greece  takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union,  completing  the  term  of  the  trio  Ireland-Lithuania-Greece.  The  Greek  Presidency  takes place  at  a  time  where  the  EU  is  facing  a  worrying  rise  in  racism,  xenophobia,  right-wing extremist and fascist parties within a context of an economic crisis. Some important progress has been ... Read More »

31.1.2014. – RFI: France deports fewer illegal immigrants in 2013

French Interior minister Manuel Valls has announced that 27,000 illegal immigrants were deported in 2013, 9,000 fewer than in 2012. Some 46,000 undocumented immigrants were given papers to stay, 10,000 more than the previous year, the figures, published Friday, showed. They are the first official review of government migration policy since François Hollande came to power in May 2012. Source ... Read More »

30.1.2014. – BLIC: Exhibition “Moje jadovno” opened in London”

Ambassador of Serbia in London Ognjen Pribicevic opened in London exhibition “Moje Jadovno”, indicating the significance of spreading the truth about horrible crimes, like the one that happened in Gospic group of Ustashas’ camps. Pribicevic pointed to the significance of marking the date like 27th January – International day of commemoration to Holocaust victims, as well to facing with past ... Read More »

30.1.2014. – Al Jazeera Balkans: Challenges of BH. Roma without personal documents

In Bosnia and Herzegovina lives many thousand persons without Bosnian citizenship. Majority of them – are members of Roma population. Why they don’t have citizenship and with what kind of problems they are being faced, researched Harun Karcic. Source:   Read More »

30.1.2014. – RTCG: Relation towards Roma similar as towards Jews

The greatest discrimination in Montenegro is present towards Roma, and latest researches show that too. That’s at the same time best image of condition in which that minority group is living, it was concluded during the regional conference about Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015 “Roma discrimination – challenges of anti-Gypsyism and multiple discrimination”. Minister for human and minorities’ rights Suad Numanovic ... Read More »

30.1.2014. – Research about position of women and children

Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia and UNICEF will start from 1st February Research of multiple indicators of position of women and children in Serbia. As the RZS announced, research will provide the greatest individual source of data that are not gathered with regular statistical researches from the areas of education, living conditions, social protection, health condition and protection ... Read More »