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17.1.2014. – Radio Slobodna Evropa: Nazif Mujic got rejected asylum request in Germany

Gainer of award for the best main male role on 63rd movie festival in Berlin, Nazif Mujic, didn’t get the asylum in Germany, reports BH Radio 1. Nazif Mujic and his wife Senada with children got famous in the movie “Episode in the life of iron picker” of Sarajevo’s director Danis Tanovic. Nazif won award by playing himself in fight ... Read More »

17.1.2014. – EurActiv: Main worry of new EC will be inequality

Inequality in society will be the main challenge for future European leaders who will, regardless the expectation for further weakening of European economy, have to focus themselves on the “new growth pattern” in which center will be society and not economic growth. EU’s new executive authority is advised to invest in citizens, including the protection of vulnerable groups, and adjust ... Read More »

17.1.2014. – UNS: Praises for Kurir and RTS from Roma Council

Spokesman of the National council of Roma national minority Ivan Vasic announced on the forum “Media reporting about Roma” that daily Kurir and Radio-televizija Srbije are examples of good cooperation and correct relationship. Meeting was organized by the Regional Centre for Minorities for sake of improving cooperation with journalists. It was reported about discrimination and violation of Roma rights and ... Read More »

17.1.2014. – B92: Bozovic about fight with false asylum seekers

Since 2011 6,300 persons had been returned from the border who didn’t fulfill condition for exiting Serbia, and more than 98% of requests for asylum that our citizens submitted had been rejected. That’s what said state secretary in MIA Vladimir Bozovic while discussing the issue of so-called “false asylum seekers” with the officer for connection of Federal police in German ... Read More »

17.1.2014. – Markus Pape – Czech Republic’s most serious racial attack of 2013 on trial

Next Monday the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem will review the most serious case of racially motivated violence to have occurred in 2013. During the celebrations around the opening of the spa in the town of Teplice, a non-Romani man working at an outdoor sausage stand seriously injured several Romani youths with a knife before stabbing a random Romani ... Read More »

17.1.2014. – New FRA reports on data protection in the EU

In January, FRA will publish two new reports on data protection. One will look at access to data protection remedies across EU Member States while the other will be a handbook on European data protection law developed together with the Council of Europe. Source (English language): Read More »

17.1.2014. – Russia gets unusually courageous in criticizing European Union

The situation with human rights protection in the EU is far from being perfect, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in the report “On the situation with human rights in the European Union.” The report first analyzes general trends in the EU, and then proceeds to problems in separate countries. One can only welcome the unexpected courage of Russia’s Foreign Ministry ... Read More »

16.1.2014. – Meeting with OSCE Representatives on tolerance and non-discrimination

The FRA Director Morten Kjaerum will meet with the three Personal Representatives on tolerance and non-discrimination of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office at the Agency’s premises in Vienna on 16 January 2014 to exchange information about each other’s areas of work and coordinate activities. Source (English language): Read More »

16.1.2014. – Hungary – The National Roma Strategy

Two years ago Hungary approved its National Social Inclusion Strategy, intended to improve the lot of its Roma population. Back then, the strategy was hailed as a milestone that could be a model for Europe. But the ethnic minority has seen little benefit. Source (English language): Read More »

16.1.2014. – Houses are being built for Roma in Kursumlija

Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) from Novi Sad will begin soon construction of 22 houses on the territory of Kursumlija municipality for members of Roma nationality in that municipality who live on the edge of existence, said today coordinator for Roma issues on the territory of Kursumlija municipality Bosko Ajdinovic. He said that 22 houses with surface of 40 square meters ... Read More »