Archive January 2014

7.1.2014. – Telegraf: Repeated introduction of visas serious possibility

When official data about number of asylum seekers occur, Serbia will for sure be in top half of countries, and issue of fake asylum seekers can’t be solved without understanding of EU and its members. Announcements of possible abolition of non-visa regime of Serbia with EU, due to increased number of fake asylum seekers are most serious until now. Changed ... Read More »

7.1.2014. – United against fascism

Revision of history, rehabilitation of Chetniks movement, negating crimes, hate that broadens towards increasing number of groups of others and different and threats to opponents, that’s the image of everyday in Serbia. Pandan of Chetniks chanting and glorification of crime Serbian fans will find in nearby Croatia in Ustasha’s response “Za dom – spremni”. And Bosnia and Herzegovina will be ... Read More »

7.1.2014. – Deutsche Welle: Roma illiteracy rate grows

Deteriorating Roma situation in South-eastern Europe, as well as increasing percentage of illiterate Roma, especially in Bulgaria, is – besides Albanian guest workers in Greece, one of subjects about which writes magazine on German language. “Education, education, education?”, it’s the title of article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitungu (FAZ), in which author looks back to bad Roma educational situation in South-eastern ... Read More »

6.1.2014. – Czech Republic: Art is fined, but flags defaced by sports fans don’t bother bureacrats

The artist Tomáš Rafa has been fined over his recent exhibition of Czech-Roma flags. The same treatment should of course be given to those who write the names of their towns on the state flag or otherwise deface it, as the law on the use of state symbols says the flag must never be soiled, torn, or written on. Source ... Read More »

6.1.2014. – Czech director of Association of Homeless Shelters on “A Night Outside”

In summer one can more or less live on the street, but in the winter it can cost you your life. In addition to a knapsack or plastic bag you also have to get yourself a blanket or a sleeping bag, and if you can’t find an old mattress, you need to collect enough cardboard boxes to make your own. ... Read More »

6.1.2014. – Roma community got deputy mayor

New deputy of Gracanica mayor Branislav Stojanovic will be Sebastijan Serifovic, member of Roma community and he will be in charge for minority issues. Besides numerous novelties introduces by recent local elections in Kosovo one is that new deputy of Gracanica mayor is from the rows of Roma community, Sebastijan Serifovic, who will be in charge for rights of minorities’ ... Read More »

6.1.2014. – Contest Green stamp and Green activist

Within the project “Environment in youth policy in Serbia” had been published contests “Green stamp” and “Green activist”, which are open until 31st January 2014. Contest “Green stamp” is designated for offices for youth, while the contest “Green activist” is designated for individuals who are recognized in the promotion of positive models of civic activism in the area of environmental ... Read More »

6.1.2014. – Blic: Sister of killed boy Ervin Bilicki beaten up

Melanija Bilicki (13), whose brother Ervin (17) was killed March last year, was beaten up on the way from school to home in Becej. – I brought doctor’s findings to the police and me and daughter gave a statement. Now we are waiting. Same thing happens with my daughter like with my son, whom they murdered. Isn’t enough that I’ve ... Read More »