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27.1.2014. – EurActiv: All Roma with documents until 2015

From 2009 in Serbia had been inscribed afterwards into the Register of births 20,679 Roma, and plan is to until 2015 all who are currently “legally invisible” become inscribed, said state secretary of Ministry of justice Gordana Stamenic. Request for inscription into the Register of births, besides persons who want to realize that right, may submit Center for social work ... Read More »

27.1.2014. – Krstarica: Roma are uninformed about work of local self-governments

Almost 80 percent of residents of Roma settlements in Novi Sad and Zabalj don’t know anything about activities of local self-governments and the way on which they can be included in their activities, shown the research published on Monday about informing of Roma community. In poll that was realized by Roma Association of women Romena participated 100 examinees of Roma ... Read More »

27.1.2014. – ERIO: International Holocaust Remembrance Day – It’s urgent to stop the rising hate and discrimination against Roma

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, ERIO and ternYpe commemorate all victims and survivors of the Holocaust. This day represents an opportunity to remember the atrocities carried out by the  Nazi  regime  during  World  War  II.  Like  Jews,  homosexuals,  persons  with  disabilities,  Roma  and  Sinti  were brutally persecuted by the Nazi regime that considered them as “racially ... Read More »

27.1.2014. – Czech lower house speaker condemns MP’s visit to neo-Nazi convicted of racially-motivated murder

Czech MP Jan Hamáček (Czech Social Democratic Party – ČSSD), the speaker of the lower house, has commented on the recent visit paid by Czech MP Tomio Okamura to Vlastimil Pechanec, who is serving time for the racially-motivated murder of a Romani man, calling the visit “extremely inappropriate and unfortunate.” Hamáček posted the comment through Facebook as follows: “In my ... Read More »

27.1.2014. – Remembering the Holocaust means it is time to act now

On 27 January we mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the day on which the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated. On this day we honour the memory of all those who were so brutally murdered by the Nazi regime. “Remembering the Holocaust does not just mean that we look to the past,” said FRA Director Morten Kjaerum. “Antisemitism is still ... Read More »

26.1.2014. – Radio Sarajevo: No matter is it loaf or bread, just that everyone has it enough

With significance of bread, symbol of goodness and solidarity, we begin our third story about social responsible companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Small peace of this food, which many will throw without thinking to the garbage, means survival for someone else. Namely, in our country percentage of poor people is on alarming high level. According to the World Bank data ... Read More »

26.1.2014. – Telegraf: SVM shocked with opening of the office of Hungarian fascists in Subotica

Federation of Vojvodina’s Hungarians strongly condemns leadership of Jobbik because, as it’s stated, “they are trying to promote themselves in Vojvodina and pave its way to electors by using young people, who are barely twenty years old”. After right-wing Jobbik has opened its office in Subotica yesterday, from SVM said to that and those parties of Vojvodina’s Hungarians, for whom ... Read More »

26.1.2014. – BLIC: They are divorcing because of social support

In 2010 there had been 1,640 beneficiaries of cash social support, while in 2013 that number reached 7,310 beneficiaries. There are more and more fictive divorces of marriages and charging children from side of parents to get support. – Rapid increase of beneficiaries of cash social support occured in 2011 when new law came to power that enabled to greater ... Read More »

26.1.2014. – Czech Human Rights Minister-designate – Populism won’t resolve ghettos

Czech Senator Jiří Dienstbier (Czech Social Democratic Party – ČSSD) has said he would like to legislate the right of every child to a place in preschool, greater powers for the ombudsman, and the opportunity for gay and lesbian couples to adopt when he takes up the post of human rights minister. While in office, he intends to spend most ... Read More »

26.1.2014. – The Jerusalem Post: Bennett warns cabinet of rising anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism around the world is getting worse, Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett warned during the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday. Despite some trends that have been interpreted as an amelioration of anti-Jewish sentiment, including the lack of high-profile attacks against Jewish targets, such as 2012’s Toulouse school massacre, the situation “has only worsened,” Bennett wrote in the introduction to a ... Read More »