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25.1.2014. – Story: Dragan Ristic Kal – I am a small revolutionist

As a member of Roma nationality, this musician created an authentic band Kal that with its activity around the world demolish prejudices about its nation. And while he learn every day what means to be a parent, it’s most important to him that his children do respect diversities. While we search for answer to the question will we leave behind ... Read More »

25.1.2014. – Vesti Online: Pastor to Jobbik – Don’t swindle in Vojvodina!

President of the Federation of Vojvodina’s Hungarians (SVM) Istvan Pastor accused Jobbik, extreme right-wing Parliamentary party from Hungary, that it wants to spread Hungarian nationalism in Vojvodina and said that Vojvodina’s Hungarians will never accept that. “We don’t need anyone, not even one who comes from Hungary, to cause fire with its irresponsible behaving, and then  to go home”, said ... Read More »

25.1.2014. – BLIC: Dacic – Needs to be fought against prejudges and hate

Tonight in Belgrade has been opened exhibition “Belgrade Jews – Life and Holocaust”, regarding the International Day of commemoration to the Holocaust victims, and president of the Government of Serbia Ivica Dacic said on that occasion that roots of prejudges across the Europe are deep and that it needs to be fought against them through working on the conciliation amongst ... Read More »

25.1.2014. – Liberal utopias and racism

Last months in Bulgaria had marked increase of racial and xenophobic attacks on minorities and migrants. At the beginning of December 2013, twenty armed teenagers beaten two Syrians and one Lebanon man in Sofia. In November neo-Nazis attacked Roma with children in center of Sofia, beaten African in public transportation and stabbed seventeen year old boy in front of the ... Read More »

25.1.2014. – Czech Republic – Trial to start in case of violent death of a Romani man at the hands of police

Here in the Czech Republic, the media in general and this news server in particular are often criticized for reporting too often on racially-motivated crimes committed against Romani people. The following example shows that this is not always the case, as there are many such cases that quickly fizzle out without the media following them at all. It has been ... Read More »

25.1.2014. – The Huffington Post: Jobbik Leader Gabor Vona Set To Enter UK, Protests Planned For Visit

Protesters are set to voice their anger at the visit to London of an extreme right-wing Hungarian politician, as activists make last minute pleas to the Home Secretary to ban Jobbik’s Gabor Vona from entering Britain. No noises from the Home Office thus far indicate a ban will be forthcoming. Vona is attending a meeting with Hungarian citizens in London, ... Read More »

24.1.2014. – BLIC: Nikolic leads the ceremony of marking the Holocaust Remembrance

President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic will lead the central state commemorative ceremony of giving honor regarding the marking of 27th January, International day of commemoration to the Holocaust victims, announced today Government’s Office for cooperation with medias. Ceremony will begin at 11:00h at the Monument to genocide victims in World War II, which is located within the complex of former ... Read More »

24.1.2014. – Beta: Help for displaced in collective centers

Project “I want a productive life, not asylum!” is having for objective to help returnees, deported and displaced and Roma families in collective centers in ten municipalities to integrate children and families to the life of Serbia, it was said on Friday in Belgrade. On press conference was said that project will be realized in 10 municipalities. “We will offer ... Read More »

24.1.2014. – Remembrance to the victims of Holocaust

Ministry of culture and informing organizes on 27th January, regarding the marking of International day of commemoration to the Holocaust victims, commemorative gathering on the locality of former camp in Topovske supe on Autokomanda in Belgrade. Honor to the victims of Holocaust will commemorate state secretary in the Ministry of culture and informing Dejan Ristic, president of the Federation of ... Read More »

24.1.2014. – Nazif Mujic – I change silver bear for residence in Germany

Silver bear to Roma from BiH, Nazif Mujic, meant at first point a triumph. However, award didn’t brought him happiness… Already for two months Nazif Mujic is again in Germany. He lives in one refugee home on the outskirt of Berlin, city which made a star of him, which conducted well towards him and where he could eat as much ... Read More »