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17.7.2014, Blic – They blocked the village near Kraljevo because they don’t want Roma neighbors

Residents of Sirca near Kraljevo have organized a protest in this village, because they are against moving of Roma family into the house that they bought, for which there is the purchase contract. Over 50 residents have blocked access to the household and, as they say, they don’t want to mix with Roma. Mladen Vasiljevic, president of the MZ Sirca, ... Read More »

17.7.2014, NIAR – More than 1000 Roma in Varna will stay without roof over the head

Roma settlement in Varna, Bulgaria, with approx. 200 houses, should be demolished according to the order of local authorities, but on that occasion haven’t been provided any alternative accommodation to Roma. “Without houses and permanent residence we won’t be able to send children to school, to find employment and to survive,” says one of residents of this settlement who didn’t ... Read More »

17.7.2014, ENAR – Polish far-right MEP blasted for use of ’racist’ language

ENAR and MEPs have called on European parliament president Martin Schulz to take strong action against polish deputy Janusz Korwin-Mikke for making ’deeply unacceptable’ remarks. Following Wednesday’s debate on youth unemployment, MEPs call on far-right politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke to “apologise and step down” for using the word “nigger”. Source (English language):   Read More »

17.7.2014, – Romania: Court rules on Roma teenager’s psychiatric hospital death

Judges say Romania breached the human rights of a Roma teenager who died whilst under a psychiatric hospital’s care. Following today’s judgement in the case of Centre For Legal Resources (CLR) On Behalf Valentin Câmpeanu v. Romania (application no. 47848/08), the European Court of Human Rights held that Romania was to pay 10,000 euros (EUR) to the CLR and EUR ... Read More »

17.7.2014, ERRC – Romanian Roma Victimised by New Evictions

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and Romani Criss are deeply concerned about yesterday’s forced eviction in Eforie, Constanţa County, Romania. Following an eviction in September 2013, ten Romani families have once again been evicted under the direction of the deputy mayor of Eforie without due regard for Romanian and international law. This time, they have been moved to containers ... Read More »

16.7.2014, NIAR – Yaron Matras: Future of Roma language in face of the policy of linguistic pluralism

During the last decade came to the apparition of lingual pluralism in usage of Roma language in institutions like medias and education: lingual codification is the foremost regional, intended for regional publicity – highlighted prof Yaron Matras. Regional initiatives are autonomous and they introduce their own solutions. At the same time, international activity network for the codification of Roma language ... Read More »

16.7.2014, RomaReact – Roma evictions in Bulgaria!

More than 200 houses (aprox. 5 people per house) in the Roma neighborhood in Varna, Bulgaria are to be demolished. People having no alternative for housing are threatening to set themselves and their families on fire. Once left with no dwelling people would not be able to send their children to school, and would be impeded from accessing services and ... Read More »

16.7.2014, – Kevin Basek, a volunteer from Lehigh University: Roma people face systematic exclusion

During the first half of July, two students from Lehigh University in the USA, Kevin Basek and Alyssa Wedge, came to the offices of o.p.s. ROMEA having decided to spend their summer doing more than getting tan, taking trips and going to one party after another, as most of their peers probably will, and instead dedicating their time off from ... Read More »

16.7.2014, – FRA Director highlights need to strengthen fundamental rights across the EU

Despite the numerous fundamental rights achievements that the EU has made over the years, many people across Europe continue to suffer. Greater access to justice for victims and a stronger institutional framework for fundamental rights are two areas of particular note that the FRA Director, Morten Kjaerum, highlighted when addressing the Council Working Party on Fundamental Rights, Citizens’ Rights and ... Read More »

15.7.2014, NIAR – Bajram Haliti, editor-in-chief of “Journalistic-informative agency of Roma” supported the Law about work

“As editor-in-chief of “Journalistic-informative agency of Roma”, I completely support adoption of new Law about work. New Law about work is in the interest of employers and workers, opening of new working places should be result of active policies of employment and not adjusted legal provisions. With new Law about work is forbidden direct and indirect discrimination of persons who ... Read More »