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10.7.2014, NIAR – Legendary jazz singer Dayana Vorvik sings composition of Eugen Botoš, young Roma composer from Slovakia

Young Roma musician and composer from Slovakia, Eugen Botoš, returned these days from America where he was for sake of recording his own composition “Symphony of broken hearts” performed by the best jazz musicians, leaded by legendary soul singer Dayana Vorvik. “Everything happened almost accidentally. I cooperate with singer Kenny Vesly to whom I sent many compositions of mine to ... Read More »

10.7.2014, OK Radio – New agreements between city and HELP

City of Vranje will sign agreement about cooperation with German organization “HELP” that implies financial support for 40 starters of small business. Agreement provides cooperation on the project “Decrease of poverty and improvement of possibilities of employment of marginalized and jeopardized groups of population with focus to Roma women in Serbia”, by which will be provided grants in worth of ... Read More »

10.7.2014, ECRI – ECRI calls for timely action against political parties that promote racism

The Council of Europe’s European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) today published its annual report, calling for timely action against extremist organisations that promote racism to avoid an escalation of violence and related criminal activities. ECRI noted a surge in support for aggressive nationalist and populist xenophobic parties and the persistence of fascist World War II nostalgia in several ... Read More »

10.7.2014, ERRC – France Continues to Evict Roma on a Massive Scale

France continues with its unlawful and costly policy of evicting Roma who have made use of their right to freedom of movement within the European Union from countries such as Romania. Between 1 April and 30 June 2014, 3,807 Roma were evicted from 40 different places. Fires in two settlements left 51 Roma homeless, while the French authorities implemented forced ... Read More »

9.7.2014, NIAR – Germany like in the Hitler period: mass deportation although the law isn’t verified

Picture like in the World War II period: 77 persons under police escort forcedly deported to Serbia and Macedonia. Although the legal procedure for approval of asylum isn’t complement and amendments by which is canceled possibility of giving asylum to persons from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia aren’t yet confirmed in Upper house of German Parlaiment, yesterday 77 persons ... Read More »

9.7.2014, ENAR – Neo-Nazi takes seat on Parliament Civil Liberties Committee, Schulz furious

European Parliament President Martin Schulz, anti-racism campaigners and Jewish organisations are outraged that a neo-Nazi MEP has taken a seat on the Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee. Udo Voigt, the former leader of the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD), has praised Adolf Hitler, was convicted for glorifying the Waffen SS, and infamously claimed “no more than 340,000 Jews” ... Read More »

9.7.2014, – Outside forces help stoke anti-Roma tension in Polish town

Events in Andrychow indicate that Jobbik – snubbed even by many west European far-right parties as anti-Semitic and racist – is spreading its ideology beyond Hungary’s borders, in this case to Poland, by far the biggest and most influential ex-Soviet bloc state in the European Union. The Roma have never got on particularly well with their neighbours in this Polish ... Read More »

9.7.2014, – Spain: Mob sets two Romani-occupied homes on fire

Estepa near Seville in Spain to protest rising crime rates. The demonstration turned into a violent attack on the homes of Romani residents whom the protesters believe responsible for theft. The illegal demonstration was convened through social networking sites and got out of hand when the mob decided to converge on the Romani-occupied homes. Those who perpetrated the attack suspect ... Read More »

8.7.2014, Radio Dunav – Economic strengthening of women from Roma community in Apatin

Workshop for Roma women, which is an integral part of the project called “Economic strengthening of women from Roma community in Apatin”, whose carrier is Association of citizens “Zlatno sunce”, will be held on Tuesday 8th July in Roma settlement. Beginning is scheduled for 18:00h. Joint partners on the project, which is funded from side of the Provincial secretariat for ... Read More »

8.7.2014, NIAR – Recognition of Germany to young Roma for fight against discrimination

Prime-minister of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, and state secretary for integration Doris Schroder – Kopf, gave award of 30.000 EUR to Nino Novakovic (19), president of Roma youth organization Lower Saxony, for “unselfish commitment for Roma affirmation and their inclusion into the social life of Germany”. F0cus of his activity is Roma discrimination and especially discrimination of youth who are ... Read More »