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29.6.2014, H-ALTER – Through cooperation to peace

Yesterday on the Square of freedom have gathered twenty young activists from the frontier places of Croatia and Serbia and they’ve talked with gathered citizens of Osijek about position and rights of national minorities in city and general perspective and position of human rights. Protection and promotion of rights of national minorities and dealing with the past had been only ... Read More »

29.6.2014, The Telegraph – Multiculturalism in reverse as teenagers buck the trend towards integration

Teenagers no more integrated with other races than the middle aged, major new study of Britain’s friendship circles shows. Decades of efforts to promote multiculturalism have gone into reverse, major new research showing teenagers are no more likely to mix with people from other racial backgrounds than those 40 years older suggests. The study, which analyses the social lives of ... Read More »

28.6.2014, – Radovic: Roma are faced with great discrimination

Although some progress had been realized in relation with position of Roma in Montenegrin society, there are still present numerous issues that make this community difficult to integrate and have  more quality life. Roma still aren’t accepted from side of other citizens as equal, and recent researches of ethnic distance indicate that – where every second citizen do not want ... Read More »

28.6.2014, e-novine – Walk agaisnt hate

NGO action this year is dedicated to the solidarity of LGBT community with Roma community, walk to the place where Dusan Jovanovic had been killed, by which had been sent a message that hate crimes mustn’t be repeated never again in Serbia towards anyone and that they will persistently and with commitment fight against all forms of xenophobia, racism, homofobia, ... Read More »

28.6.2014, – Revision of Law on prohibition of discrimination in BiH?

Civil society organizations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, amongst whom is also Sarajevo open center, have sent at the end of Paril open letter to the Council of Ministers of BiH, Direction for European integrations of BiH, Delegation of European Union in BiH and European Commission, with message that structured dialogue have to be more transparent and focused to the wider ... Read More »

28.6.2014, ENAR – Press statement: Stop the refugee eviction in Germany

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) condemns the eviction by police forces of 250 asylum seekers and Roma from a former school building in Berlin, Germany, in which they have been living for one and a half years. The eviction started on 24 June and is ongoing. While the living conditions in the school have been more than inadequate, it ... Read More »

28.6.2014, – Slovak Plenipotentiary for Romani Community to run own journal – is it unfair competition?

The Office of the Slovak Government Plenipotentiary for the Romani Community (Úřad zmocněnce vlády SR pro romskou komunitu – ÚSVRK) will be publishing its own journal under the title Romane Nevipena. The aim of the periodical is get more information to municipalities and field workers participating in projects for the Romani community. News server reports that ÚSVRK has received ... Read More »

27.6.2014, NIAR – Hajrudin Omerovic: Transformation of Roma ethnic group should be urgently performed in EU countries members

Hajrudin Omerovic, president of “EUROROM”, said today in statement for “Journalistic-informative agency of Roma”: “For Roma in many constitutions of South-eastern and Western Europe isn’t determined the status of national minority anent nation, and by that they are denied from the realization of political and national rights that belong to them as national in sociological sense. As a president of  ... Read More »

27.6.2014, Radio Slobodna Evropa – Day of pride of LGBT persons: Solidarity with Roma community

With walk on the relation park Manjez – Beogradska street, where is located the commemoration plate for Roma boy Dusan Jovanovic, who had been beaten to death 17 years ago by the group of skinheads, had been marked in Serbia International day of pride of LGBT population. Under the slogan “Zone free of hate”, one hundred of gathered expressed the ... Read More »

27.6.2014, Al Jazeera Balkans – Emra Kurtisova cannot travel because she is – a Roma

Actress from Skopje Emra Kurtisova wasn’t allowed to board on the plane for Germany on Skopje airport. Macedonia is in general regarded as multi-national and multi-confessional state with expressively varied ethnic coloring that is often presented by medias as the great richness of that country. And so it is. Diversity is richness, indeed. However, everything on the world has its ... Read More »