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26.6.2014, KUNA – Amnesty urges EU leaders to protect human rights

As heads of the European Union’s (EU) member states gather Thursday and Friday in Belgium , the human rights organization Amnesty International has urged them to ensure that human rights form the bedrock of EU internal and external policies and practices. Today afternoon the EU leaders will gather in the north western Belgian city of Ypres for a commemoration to ... Read More »

26.6.2014, – Czech senator pays fine for racism, appeals to Constitutional Court

Czech Senator Vladimír Dryml has paid his fine of CZK 20 000 for verbally assaulting a Yemeni doctor. The sanction was handed down by the Senate’s Committee on Immunity, which found that Dryml’s remarks had a racial subtext. When Dryml appealed that decision to the Senate as a whole, it upheld the committee’s decision. Dryml has now confirmed to the ... Read More »

25.6.2014, – Award for Roma integration 2014

EU call for Award for Roma integration is opened, by which European Commission wants to express honor to engagement of civil society organizations in activities of integration of Roma communities around western Balkans and Turkey, as well to give visibility to the best practices and ideas. To win the competition, projects should demonstrate the original approach that offers comprehensive, sustainable ... Read More »

25.6.2014, – Education – road to easier employment

Education is not a magic wand for decrease of unemployment, but it is a tool which should serve for decreasing of that issue, it’s conclusion that may be recapped from the research on working status of students who gratuated in 2007 and 2012 on universities and higher schools in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “The highest insurance against unemployment ... Read More »

25.6.2014, Goteborg Daily – EU-migrants face eviction

Officials will evict EU-migrants from a parking area in Källebäck in eastern Gothenburg, reports local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten. The parking area is at the so called Öis-gården. When the newspaper’s reporter visited the area, only around 20 migrants remained. “We have lived here for around one month. There are usually around 100 people living here, but most have already left,” one ... Read More »

25.6.2014, – Early 20th century Nobel laureate was of Romani origin

Schack August Steenberg Krogh, whose mother was Romani, became a professor at the University of Copenhagen and won the Nobel Prize for physiology. He contributed to the development of many fundamental discoveries in several areas of physiology and is famous for developing Krogh’s Principle. His wife was a doctor and performed research in the area of metabolic diseases. As a ... Read More »

25.6.2014, ERRC – Hungarian City Set to ‘Expel’ Its Roma

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is deeply concerned about a recent local government decree designed to expel Roma from Miskolc, a major city in Eastern Hungary. The ERRC sent its legal analysis to the European Commission to underline the unlawfulness of the action, urging the European Commission to take action against Hungary as its local decree is in breach ... Read More »

24.6.2014, TV Duga – Meeting of Roma from Hungary and Serbia

Ambassador of Republic of Hungary in Serbia, His Excellency Oskar Nikovic, was in visit to the Roma Educative Center Pozarevac, followed by the president of Roma community of Hungary Imre Bogdan. Source: Read More »

24.6.2014, Vesti Online – Roma need more togetherness

On Sunday was held traditional Roma festival on the well-known square Mexico in 2nd Wien district with motto “Together in Wien”. Great number of Roma gathered on the square already from the noon and on the stage rotated popular Roma musicians, amongst whom were Gagi band, Dragana Berakovic, Mosa Sisic, as well as dancers and numerous other performers. Roma association ... Read More »

24.6.2014, – Meeting with representative of the OSCE High commissioner for national minorities

Director of the Office for human and minorities’ rights Suzana Paunovic have met with representative of the OSCE High commissioner for national minorities William Romans. Paunovic have met representative of the High commissioner on activities of the Office for human and minorities’ rights in the are of protection of rights of national minorities in Republic of Serbia. It was also ... Read More »