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24.6.2014, ECRI – ECRI Round Table in the Netherlands

Combating racial discrimination and intolerance in the Netherlands: Round Table of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) in The Hague. Date: 30 June 2014 Venue: Communication Museum – Zeestraat 80/82 – The Hague Organisers: ECRI in co-operation with the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights Objectives: provide the participants with the opportunity to discuss the follow-up to the recommendations ... Read More »

24.6.2014, – Czech Republic invested less into Romani students last year

Last year the Czech state invested CZK 5.6 million [EUR 204 000] into supporting Romani students attending higher vocational and secondary schools. The money went to young people from poorer families to cover the costs of commuting, meals, and school supplies. Compared to 2012, the sum invested has declined significantly (from CZK 7.98 million, or EUR 291 000). The numbers ... Read More »

24.6.2014, ERIO – ERIO’s advocacy training “Learn how to fight for your rights”

On 19-20 June 2014 ERIO organized the advocacy training “Learn how to fight for your rights” in Brussels. The training was designed to assist Roma civil society activists, as well as programme planners in conducting advocacy campaigns to fight discrimination and improving their advocacy skills to advance the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategies, as well as anti-discrimination and ... Read More »

24.6.2014, The Telegraph – Roma boy attacked in Paris ‘had wife and two children’

The teenage Roma boy beaten to a pulp by a lynch mob and left for dead in a supermarket trolley in the Paris suburbs has a wife and two children in his native Romania, it has been reported. A woman claiming to be his wife, Pamela, said the attack was motivated by “hatred” towards gipsies and that she has had ... Read More »

24.6.2014, – Roma band members complain against discrimination in municipality

TURKEY- A group of 14 Roma people who are members of Muğla municipality band have complained to Muğla’s human rights board against Recep Altınok, the head of the culture and social affairs department in Muğla. They claimed that Altınok has made racial remarks toward the band members who are of Romani descent. Muğla’s Musicians Association head Hakan Çelebi said the ... Read More »

23.6.2014, – Conference “Early development of Roma children – Improvement of parents’ competences of parents of Roma children”

On Wednesday 25th June in Medija centar will be held a conference with name “Early development of Roma children – Improvement of parents’ competences of parents of Roma children” in organization of the Association Child center “Mali Princ” from Belgrade. Pilot project “Strengthening Roma women for support to the early child development” is being development in partnership from side of ... Read More »

23.6.2014, – Selma Selman winner of “Zvono 2014” award

Selma Selman, student of final year of Academy of arts in Banja Luka, is winner of “Zvono 2014” award, which is awarded by the Center for modern art Sarajevo for artistic works that are made in previous two years. This year’s accent was on quality and innovation. “Painting attracts me very much. I paint since I can remember. In this ... Read More »

23.6.2014, – Workshop “Economic strengthening of Roma” and 26th International committee of Decade of Roma Inclusion held in Podgorica

Workshop “Economic strengthening of Roma” was held in Podgorica between 17th and 18th June. On workshop had been presented some of the projects that deal with economic strengthening of Roma in Decade countries members. After this workshop, between 18th and 19th June was held the 26th International committee of Decade of Roma Inclusion. All Decade countries members were present on ... Read More »

23.6.2014, ECRI – 64th plenary meeting of the Council of Europe’s Anti-Racism Commission

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) held its 64th plenary meeting in Strasbourg on 17-20 June 2014. On the first day of the meeting, ECRI held an exchange of views with Mr Dean Spielmann, President of the European Court of Human Rights. ECRI’s Chair, Mr Christian Ǻhlund, welcomed Mr Spielmann, who was accompanied by the Court’s Registrar, Mr ... Read More »

23.6.2014, NIAR – United for Dignity Conference

United for Dignity Conference on the specific situation of Roma young people affected by multiple discrimination will be held between 23rd and 27th June in European Youth Centre in Strasbourg (France). The conference is intended as a forum to raise awareness of and to explore and formulate responses to situations of multiple discrimination affecting young Roma. The activity intends to ... Read More »