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31.5.2014, NIAR – Fadil Hrustic: Cooperation between the motherland India and diaspora should be strengthened

Fadil Hrustic, Commissioner for diaspora of World Roma Organization, said for “Journalistic-informative agency of Roma”: “As a Commissioner for diaspora, I will always insist that in mother India and countries members of EU, with increased engagement and strengthening of responsibility, is achieved huge progress in solving of numerous issues from vital significance for diaspora, especially for preserve of national, cultural ... Read More »

31.5.2014, NIAR – Ana Dalipovski: Roma women are still “discriminated” in Southeastern and Central Europe

– Ana Dalipovski, presiden,,Predsednica Centra t of the Center for Roma integration in EU, said today in a written statement for Journalistic-informative agency of Roma that, besides adoption and signing of Convention about abolition of all forms of discrimination of women from side of the greatest number of EU members in the region, “Roma women are still most discriminated in ... Read More »

31.5.2014, – Deduction of working capability is having negative consequences for persons with disability

“Placing the persons with disabilities in institutions and facilities is inadequate and outdated practice and consequences of deducting the working capabilities from persons with disability are influencing negativelly on their lives, which is opposed to the UN’s Convention about persons with disability and it is necessary to adjust legal framework in BiH with mentioned Convention”, highlighted director of Federation SUMERO, ... Read More »

31.5.2014, – Preparation for the realization of IPA 2013 EC project “Support to improvement of human rights and zero tolerance of discrimination”

On 30th May 2014 in the Office for human and minorities’ rights was held a meeting for sake of preparing the realization of IPA 2013 twining project “Support to improvement of human rights and zero tolerance of discrimination”. On the meeting participated representatives of the Ministry of finance, Sector for contracting and funding projects funded from EU’s resources, as well ... Read More »

31.5.2014, NIAR – Representing the Roma in action “Roma to local community”

On 30th May 2014 in Medija Centar Beograd was held a press conference of Roma association from Mokrin “URMA” with title Representing the Roma in action “Roma to local community”. Amongst other topics, on conference had been presented the success rate of realized projects of public works as examples of good practice that could be used in the country as ... Read More »

31.5.2014, – Prague Hosts World Roma Festival Khamoro 2014

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is currently playing host to the World Roma Festival this week, culminating on Saturday 31 May with a closing gala concert. Also known as Khamoro, the festival lasts 6 days and celebrates the culture of the Roma, featuring performances by international musicians from around Europe. With many shows taking place on the ... Read More »

31.5.2014, The Australian – Roma girl Maria to stay in Greece

A Bulgarian Roma girl who was seized in October from a couple falsely claiming to be her parents is to stay in Greece in the care of the Smile of the Child charity. A court in the Greek city of Larissa on Saturday terminated any parental rights of her adoptive family, and repelled an attempt by the Bulgarian Child Protection ... Read More »

30.5.2014, NIAR – Roma housing issue

Roma, whether they live in town or on village, live in ultimately bad housing conditions. Settlements in which they live are having the following characteristics: legally irregular status, insufficient infrastructure equipment, overpopulation and very poor housing fund, poor environment and great distance from the basic social contents and services. Besides that, majority of Roma doesn’t have required documentation about ownership ... Read More »

30.5.2014, NIAR – Roma issue is more and more ofter being set on international level

Today in Europe, which is considered to be a cradle of human rights, freedoms and democracy, should be highlighted as significant trend that Roma issue is more and more often being set on international level. That can have only favorable consequences for their position. Activities of European regional organizations (OSCE, Council of Europe and European Union) should be especially highlighted ... Read More »

30.5.2014, B92 – Unsatisfactory respect of rights

Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic submitted on the session of Board for human and minorities’ rights and gender equality report about work of its service for previous year. 23.000 citizens addressed Ombudsman last year and 4705 accusatory cases were accepted due to violations of 66 kinds of human rights, which is 18 percent more than in 2012. The most vulnerable groups of ... Read More »