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19.5.2014, NIAR – Great social-economic inequality between majority European population and Roma

There is great social-economic inequality between majority European population and Roma, out of whom majority lives in extreme poverty. If there’s nothing changed, this constant poverty may become great burden in further prosperity of Europe, which will equally be the great tragedy both for Roma and non-Roma population. Situation when between twelve and fifteen million Roma who live on this ... Read More »

19.5.2014, NIAR – Bajram Haliti: EU countries members should protect and improve rights of members of national minorities

EU countries members should protect and improve rights of members of national minorities in its efforts, should completely respect its obligations from existing conventions about human rights and other relevant international instruments, and should consider possibility of joining the relevant conventions, if they already haven’t done that, including the ones with which is provided right for complaints from side of ... Read More »

19.5.2014, NIAR – Humanitarian help from Slovenia

President of organization “Romano anglunipe” and party Solidarity Haris Tahirovic from Ljubljana (Slovenia) said for Journalistic-informative agency of Roma that he works with associates from his organization and party on collecting of humanitarian help that will be sent both to Roma and all other citizens in areas that are jeopardized with floods in Republic of Serbia. Mr. Tahirovic said that ... Read More »

19.5.2014, Vijesti Online – CEDEM: Laws agaisnt discrimination aren’t applied adequatly

Montenegro has progressed in creation of legislative frame in the area of protection of human rights and freedoms and prohibition of discrimination, but problem is inadequate appliance of laws, assessed author of Guideline for anti-discriminatory legislation Marijana Lakovic Draskovic. Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) presented today Guideline through anti-discriminatory legislation, which is created in cooperation with British embassy ... Read More »

19.5.2014, ALO – „I don’t have anymore even a tent, let alone a shack”

In reception centers in Lazarevac in two halls of sports center is placed approx. 300 people. Amongst them there is the greatest number of Roma, who are hardest struck with this catastrophe because they’ve lsot even that small amount of property that they barely acquired for years. Ljubisa Pavlovic (51) from Veliki Crljeni succeeded alone to save his eight children ... Read More »

19.5.2014, Mondo – Roma from Austria help Serbia struck with floods

On social networks appeared a photo on which can be seen a list of persons who donated money for support of the most jeopardized ones in Serbia. Allegedly, it’s about Roma from Austria. On photo is, except the list with names, seen collected EURs. Thanks to Zoran, Milanko, Goran, Radovan, Murat, as well to others from the list… Source: Read More »

19.5.2014, TV Leskovac – Roma called their singers to help flooded ones, only Zvonko Demirovic answered

Representatives of Roma social, religious and non-government organizations, private companies and singers established today a team for collection of humanitarian help for jeopardized population in flooded areas. “It’s about solidarity on act of all Roma from Leskovac with population in Serbia who suffered in this catastrophe”, said Miroslav Alilovic, in charge for Roma issues within the local self-government. All star ... Read More »

19.5.2014, RTV Yu eco – Support to Roma students in the area of health care

Scholarship program for students and pupils of Roma population, which is funded by Roma Education Fund from Budapest, should change bad statistics according to which there is only 0,3 percent of highly educated Roma. Scholarship program for members of Roma population in the area of health care last year enabled allocation of 238 scholarships fro students and pupils in the ... Read More »

19.5.2014, – Czech PM at Terezín: It is important to stand up to anti-Semitism

Jaroslav Vodička, the chair of the Czech Freedom Fighters’ Union, said today that German President Joachim Gauch’s recent visit to the former Jewish ghetto at Terezín was a courageous step and a gesture of partnership. Hundreds of people remembered the victims of Nazism during WWII today at a commemoration ceremony in Terezín. “We appreciate the gesture made by President Gauck. ... Read More »