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29.5.2014, Beta – Roma and women the most discriminated

Commissioner for protection of equality Nevena Petrusic said on Thursday that from the angle of citizens Roma and women are the most discriminated and that it’s worrying that one fifth members of bodies of authority don’t know that in Serbia discrimination is forbidden. While presenting the report for 2013 on Assembly of Serbia’s Board for human and minority’s rights and ... Read More »

29.5.2014, Ombudsman – Citizens of Roma nationality relocated to unconditional accommodation

After they had been relocated from their flooded homes in informal settlements in May 2014, group of citizens of Roma nationality – 31 of them out of whom 12 children – didn’t get provided at the same way and in same volume accommodation and other kinds of support and protection as to other citizens. These citizens, including the children, didn’t ... Read More »

29.5.2014, – First verdict for confirmed discrimination of Macedonian border authorities

Second primary court in Skopje has confirmed violation of right on equality in practice of border service to limit the right of specific categories of people to leave the territory of Republic of Macedonia under unjustified doubt that they are fake asylum seekers. Second primary court in Skopje, as the Macedonian association of young lawyers (MZMP) says, brought decision in ... Read More »

29.5.2014, SNV – Instead reintegration, actual authority advocates assimilation

Economic situation is not pandering return. Croatian political elite had never been in condition to perceive how much the loss of people impoverishes country and its nature and haven’t done anything to educate publicity on what’s the benefit from the people, cultivated land and multi-ethnic environment, highlights Mirjana Mikic Zeitoun, leader of the project “Highlighting of human rights in areas ... Read More »

29.5.2014, Anadolu Agency – Is racism rising in the UK? Debate heats up

Although Londoners call rising racism saddening, many say they believe immigration needs to be capped. An increase in support for the anti-immigrant, anti-EU U.K. Independence Party, both in voting for members of the European Parliament and in the local elections, has triggered debate in Britain about racism and immigration. UKIP, as the U.K. Independence Party is commonly known, has claimed ... Read More »

28.5.2014, NIAR – Education for human rights is a strategy that leads towards human security

Human security is having for goal protection of human rights, by preventing conflicts and solving deep causes of insecurity and vulnerability. Strategy of human security tends towards establishing of global political culture based on human rights. In that context, education for human rights is a strategy that leads towards human security, because it strengthens people to look for solution of ... Read More »

28.5.2014, NIAR – Roma are still the most disempowered ethnic group in Europe

Roma still remain the most disempowered ethnic group in Europe. Almost everywhere their fundamental rights are jeopardized. In previous years had been recorded disturbing cases of racial excesses against Roma. Discrimination of Roma during employment, in education, health protection, administrative and other public services is common in many societies. Hate speech against Roma is deepening negative prejudices that prevail in ... Read More »

28.5.2014, – Call for civil society organizations to apply for the selection of sectoral civil society organizations (SEKO)

For sake of continuation of cooperation with civil society organizations in the area of planning of programming, monitoring and reporting about international help, with focus on the Instrument for pre-accession help, Office for European integrations is calling interested civil society organizations to apply for selection of Sectoral civil society organizations (SEKO). In a document Call to civil society organizations are ... Read More »

28.5.2014, – These are the ‘worst of the worst’ who are going to the Brussels

In new convocation of European Parliament will seat representatives of various Europhobic, extremists and even neo-Nazi parties. We are bringing a review of the worst ones, amongst whom are various satraps, xenophobs, anti-semits, Roma persecuters and haters of all forms. Although in Greece in previous five years happened many ugly things, probably there’s nothing worse than the rise of neo-Nazi ... Read More »

28.5.2014, Cihan – The new Europe

Last week’s European Parliament (EP) elections have revealed a number of sad but important truths about the EU’s current state. The political opinions in Europe in general and in member states individually tell us a lot about the EU’s future. Only 43.1 percent of potential voters cared to go to the polls, which means the turnout was almost the same ... Read More »