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17.7.2014, NIAR – More than 1000 Roma in Varna will stay without roof over the head

Roma settlement in Varna, Bulgaria, with approx. 200 houses, should be demolished according to the order of local authorities, but on that occasion haven’t been provided any alternative accommodation to Roma. “Without houses and permanent residence we won’t be able to send children to school, to find employment and to survive,” says one of residents of this settlement who didn’t ... Read More »

16.7.2014, RomaReact – Roma evictions in Bulgaria!

More than 200 houses (aprox. 5 people per house) in the Roma neighborhood in Varna, Bulgaria are to be demolished. People having no alternative for housing are threatening to set themselves and their families on fire. Once left with no dwelling people would not be able to send their children to school, and would be impeded from accessing services and ... Read More »

12.7.2014, Turkish Weekly – UN urges Albania to halt Roma eviction

The UN Human Rights Committee has told Albania to suspend eviction of four Roma families from their homes in Elbasan, to make space for the reconstruction of a football stadium. The UN committee called on the government to suspend the eviction of the families until a complaint filed by their lawyers on the merits of the decision to demolish the ... Read More »

8.7.2014, – Awareness about necessity of education is raising

Integration of Roma pupils into the educational system of Tuzla canton and Brcko district of BiH had been a subject of today’s press conference that was held in SKPC “Mejdan”. Mehmed Mujic, president of the Association of citizens “Evropski put Roma” Tuzla and Cazim Salihovic, president of the Association of citizens “Romi na djelu” from Brcko have spoken to present ... Read More »

7.7.2014, – Nils Muižnieks: Hungary should do more for the human rights of Roma, migrants and disabled people

More should be done to protect the rights of Roma communities, migrants and disabled people in Hungary, according to human rights commissioner Nils Muižnieks. Following a four-day visit to the country, Muižnieks revealed that Roma people continue to face segregation in both housing and education, in a “context of continuing intolerance within the country.” The Commissioner for Human Rights welcomed ... Read More »

5.7.2014, Vecernji list – Roma pupil deported from France arrived to Croatia

Roma pupil, around whose deportation in France were raised the dust, have arrived to Croatia after she got new travel documents, writes Naharnet. Leonarda Dibrani, her mother Xhemila and three brothers are settled at uncle in Sisak, said for AFP her father Reset Dibrani. Case of girl got to the headlines of  French medias when it was learned that she ... Read More »

5.7.2014, Vice News – An Audience With the ‘King of the Gypsies’

On a recent blazing-hot June day in Romania, down a nondescript, potholed dirt road, a stream of men walked or stepped out of expensive cars. They were going to see the king. Dorin Cioaba had just been elected president of the International Romani Union, one of the oldest Roma organizations in the world, after vowing to take his people’s cause ... Read More »

4.7.2014, RTCG – Roma and Egyptians shouldn’t abandon school

Montenegro – In the Ministry for human and minority rights today have been signed a Memorandum about cooperation between that ministry, Fund for Roma Education, Institute for Schooling and NGO Institute for social inclusion. As they announced from the Ministry, Memorandum is result of previous very good cooperation between mentioned institutions and it will help Roma and Egyptian children to ... Read More »

4.7.2014, – Bulgaria’s capital faces protest over prosecutors’ refusal to deal with racist motives

Protest against the systematic refusal of the Bulgarian prosecutors to investigate racist motives in crimes against Roma people and immigrants, refugees and foreign citizens was organised in front of the Courts of Justice in the Bulgarian capital city Sofia, FOCUS News Agency reporter said. Around 30 people joined the demonstration. There were also representatives from the flood-stricken residential quarter of ... Read More »

1.7.2014, Vijesti Online – Roma cattlewoman don’t have where to go: I am going to beggars

“I was always against begging, but now I am thinking to remove every sheep and lamb until autumn, to put a bag on my shoulder…go from home to home and beg.” Although it is talked about her as a non-typical Roma woman, it appears that Slavka Adzovic from Niksic will be forced to accept what she had been trying for ... Read More »