17.7.2014, ENAR – Polish far-right MEP blasted for use of ’racist’ language

ENAR and MEPs have called on European parliament president Martin Schulz to take strong action against polish deputy Janusz Korwin-Mikke for making ’deeply unacceptable’ remarks. Following Wednesday’s debate on youth unemployment, MEPs call on far-right politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke to “apologise and step down” for using the word “nigger”. Source (English language):   Read More »

16.7.2014, – Kevin Basek, a volunteer from Lehigh University: Roma people face systematic exclusion

During the first half of July, two students from Lehigh University in the USA, Kevin Basek and Alyssa Wedge, came to the offices of o.p.s. ROMEA having decided to spend their summer doing more than getting tan, taking trips and going to one party after another, as most of their peers probably will, and instead dedicating their time off from ... Read More »

14.7.2014, fare network – Polish far-right groups stir up anti-Roma hatred in the shadow of Auschwitz

Less than 20 miles from Auschwitz, where once they shouted “Jews out”, football fans chant “Gypsies out”. The small Roma community of Andrychow is living in fear since Polish far-right groups began a campaign of harassment against them. The campaign began with a rally last month where the chant “Cyganies raus” (Gypsies or Roma out) was heard and has continued ... Read More »

14.7.2014, – Czech film festival awards film about Romani boxer

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival chose 15 projects out of 51 submissions to compete as part of its “2014 Works in Progress” feature for awards on 7 July 2014. An international jury then selected the most promising film to receive a prize of EUR 10 000 worth of services from the festival’s partner, Barrandov Studios. The best film in ... Read More »

12.7.2014, Deutche Welle – “Antigypsism” in German publicity

Political and media discussion about poor immigrants from the Balkans destroyed a lot of “porcelain”, believes Central council of Sinti and Roma in Germany. Media reporting mostly contributed to that, claim experts. “It’s true, we achieved a lot”, said Romani Rose from Berlin, commenting on the 30 years of fight against “antigypsism” in Germany. Back since the 1982 he was ... Read More »

12.7.2014, – Brussels insists the Czech Republic allocate EU money directly for Romani inclusion

The Czech Republic claims it has convinced the European Commission to back down from most of its 88 exceptions to the country’s plans for drawing EU money. However, the Czechs have yet to reach agreement with the Commission on several topics, such as financing the inclusion of Romani people into society and the absence of a Service Act. Deputy Regional ... Read More »

11.7.2014, ERIO – ERIO’s recommendations to the Italian EU Presidency

The new EU Presidency taken over by Italy starting in July until December 2014 is the first of the new EU  Trio Presidency (Italy, Latvia and Luxemburg). The Italian Presidency takes place at a crucial moment for  the European Union. The EU finds itself in a recovery phase from the economic crisis and the European  Parliament and Commission start their ... Read More »

10.7.2014, ERRC – France Continues to Evict Roma on a Massive Scale

France continues with its unlawful and costly policy of evicting Roma who have made use of their right to freedom of movement within the European Union from countries such as Romania. Between 1 April and 30 June 2014, 3,807 Roma were evicted from 40 different places. Fires in two settlements left 51 Roma homeless, while the French authorities implemented forced ... Read More »

9.7.2014, – Outside forces help stoke anti-Roma tension in Polish town

Events in Andrychow indicate that Jobbik – snubbed even by many west European far-right parties as anti-Semitic and racist – is spreading its ideology beyond Hungary’s borders, in this case to Poland, by far the biggest and most influential ex-Soviet bloc state in the European Union. The Roma have never got on particularly well with their neighbours in this Polish ... Read More »

9.7.2014, – Spain: Mob sets two Romani-occupied homes on fire

Estepa near Seville in Spain to protest rising crime rates. The demonstration turned into a violent attack on the homes of Romani residents whom the protesters believe responsible for theft. The illegal demonstration was convened through social networking sites and got out of hand when the mob decided to converge on the Romani-occupied homes. Those who perpetrated the attack suspect ... Read More »