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15.7.2014, humanrightseurope.org – Court: Bosnia and Herzegovina must establish a political system for elections without discrimination

Human rights judges have urged the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to establish a non-discriminatory political system. In today’s chamber judgment in the case of Zornić v. Bosnia and Herzegovina (application no. 3681/06), which is not final, the European Court of Human Rights held: by six votes to one, that there had been a violation of Article 14 (prohibition of ... Read More »

8.7.2014, bhstring.net – Awareness about necessity of education is raising

Integration of Roma pupils into the educational system of Tuzla canton and Brcko district of BiH had been a subject of today’s press conference that was held in SKPC “Mejdan”. Mehmed Mujic, president of the Association of citizens “Evropski put Roma” Tuzla and Cazim Salihovic, president of the Association of citizens “Romi na djelu” from Brcko have spoken to present ... Read More »

30.6.2014, TDI Magazin – Roma made a tent lodgment across the BiH Parliament

Sarajevo Roma family made an improvised lodgment in the center of Sarajevo, only few meters from the building of Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina and luxury malls on Marijin Dvor. Family of Hajrudin Sulejmanovic, which counts 20 members, lives in tent lodgment that they raised at the beginning of this year, after they had to leave Butile, through which now ... Read More »

28.6.2014, manjine.ba – Revision of Law on prohibition of discrimination in BiH?

Civil society organizations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, amongst whom is also Sarajevo open center, have sent at the end of Paril open letter to the Council of Ministers of BiH, Direction for European integrations of BiH, Delegation of European Union in BiH and European Commission, with message that structured dialogue have to be more transparent and focused to the wider ... Read More »

19.6.2014, bljesak.info – Scholarships for Roma pupils and students in school 2014/2015

Representatives of the Open Society Foundations BiH and Association “Education makes Bosnia and Herzegovina” signed today in Sarajevo contract about grant for scholarship for one hundred pupils of high schools and 15 Roma students in school 2014/2015 year. Scholarship gainers are from the various parts of BiH and on the ceremonial meeting that was organized for that occasion director of ... Read More »

18.6.2014, NIAR ‚- Roma are ethnic group in BiH

In situation of already great (and worrying) unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Roma are now simply an ethnic group without employment in this country. Concretely, within the symbolic number of total employed Roma, condition is such that in some municipalities are employed one or two members of this nation, and that’s mostly on jobs of utility company. As an exception ... Read More »

16.6.2014, manjine.ba – Day of fight against homophobia marked in Banja Luka

Banja Luka’s association Kvir Aktivista marked yesterday International day of fight against homophobia and transfobia. Although the 17th May is the day of fight against homophobia and transfobia, due to the natural disaster that struck our country event had to be canceled and rescheduled. Mary Ann Hennessy from the CoE’s office in BiH, Andy McGuffie from the EU Delegation in ... Read More »

13.6.2014, Portal24 – EU: Roma had been discriminated within the share of help after floods in BiH

European Commission has information that Roma had been discriminated during the share of humanitarian help after catastrophic floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it’s stated in report of Department for humanitarian support and civil protection of European Union (ECHO), reports Bosnian news agency Patria (NAP). According to the statements in report, various sources confirmed that there had been discrimination in view ... Read More »

8.6.2014, tuzla.danas.info – Critics regarding assessment that BiH is “safe country”

Number of asylum seekers from the countries of Western Balkans grows more and more each year, after its citizens got liberated from the visa regime in 2009 and 2010. Only in past year in German services for migrations had been submitted 36.689 new requests for asylum from side of citizens that came from Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. To ... Read More »

23.5.2014, NIAR – Roma in Lukavac (BiH) left without property

Floods that struck town Lukavac in Bosnia and Herzegovina destroyed already modest property of ten Roma families. NGO “New Roma hope” is also left without its rooms and property as well the documentation that was destroyed. (NIAR)   Read More »