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9.6.2014, romea.cz – Czech right-wing extremists march through town where Romani arson victims live

On Saturday a demonstration was held in the town of Budišov nad Budišovkou that was advertised as a “Commemorative march for Viktor Švarc”. Right-wing extremists attempted to exploit the as-yet unsolved death of Mr Švarc, who was 28 years old when he died. Locals speculate that three Romani people allegedly assaulted Mr Švarc (who is not Romani) and are responsible ... Read More »

5.6.2014, romareact.org – Czech and Slovak mayors and school directors present social inclusion successes

On Monday, 2 June, mayors, school directors and people from the NNO sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia who have experience with including socially excluded residents of their communities gathered in the Lichtenstein Palace in Prague for a conference under the auspices of Czech Human Rights Minister Jiří Dienstbier. Czech Labor and Social Affairs Minister Michaela Marksová Tominová also ... Read More »

4.6.2014, romea.cz – Czech NGOs write to FinMin over co-financing of EU-funded social projects

Non-governmental, nonprofit organizations (NNOs) in the Czech Republic have written an open letter to Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babiš responding to materials published by the ministry entitled “Rules for co-financing of European Structural and Investment Funds for 2014-2020”, which establish binding rules for the financing of projects from the ESIF and have recently undergone an inter-ministerial commenting process. The organizations ... Read More »

31.5.2014, blouinartinfo.com – Prague Hosts World Roma Festival Khamoro 2014

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is currently playing host to the World Roma Festival this week, culminating on Saturday 31 May with a closing gala concert. Also known as Khamoro, the festival lasts 6 days and celebrates the culture of the Roma, featuring performances by international musicians from around Europe. With many shows taking place on the ... Read More »

28.5.2014, romea.cz – Czech dramaturg resigns after moderators humiliate Romani musicians on live tv

The legendary Czech-Romani funk band Gulo Čar and the Slovak reggae-punk band Smola a Hrušky issued a joint press release yesterday protesting the way in which the moderators of the “Tečka páteční noci” program on Czech Television handled their appearance last Friday just before midnight. The bands say moderator Martin Dušek made humiliating, xenophobic remarks to them during the broadcast. “The moderators ... Read More »

22.5.2014, romea.cz – Czech documentary by Roma about Roma celebrates success at French Institute

On Monday 12 May about 100 people gathered in the cinema at the French Institute in Prague for the premiere of three documentary films created as part of a project called Europe:  A Roma Homeland, which will result in a five-part feature-length documentary, “Our Dream”. One of the films screened was a Czech documentary called “Because There Is Hope” (Protože ... Read More »

21.5.2014, romea.cz – Czech Republic: “Hating the Roma won’t make your life better”

The following the story of a man who was brutally beaten because he is Roma, and it is worth publishing for several reasons. As a supervisor, he was responsible for evaluating the work of a colleague, which makes this a fairly banal story – except that he is Romani and the man he supervises is a member of the ultra-right. ... Read More »

19.5.2014, romea.cz – Czech PM at Terezín: It is important to stand up to anti-Semitism

Jaroslav Vodička, the chair of the Czech Freedom Fighters’ Union, said today that German President Joachim Gauch’s recent visit to the former Jewish ghetto at Terezín was a courageous step and a gesture of partnership. Hundreds of people remembered the victims of Nazism during WWII today at a commemoration ceremony in Terezín. “We appreciate the gesture made by President Gauck. ... Read More »

3.2.2014. – romea.cz: Czech Republic – New law would mean thousands at risk of homelessness

News server iDNES.cz reports that more than 3 000 socially excluded people live in residential hotels throughout the Czech city of Brno. A forthcoming amendment would restrict residency in such facilities to the length of one year but does not address what would happen to those who have to move away after a year’s time. Source (English language): http://www.romea.cz/en/news/czech/czech-republic-new-law-would-mean-thousands-at-risk-of-homelessness Read More »

1.2.2014. – romea.cz: Czech MEP candidate wants to ban immigration into the EU

Klára Samková, a candidate for the European Parliament on the ticket of the Dawn of Direct Democracy (Úsvit přímé demokracie) party, is continuing the harsh rhetoric of party chair Tomio Okamura. Samková has released a statement in favor of a total ban on immigration into EU countries. News server iDNES.cz reports that the German Nazi NSDAP party had practically the ... Read More »