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14.1.2014. – romea.cz: Czech Helsinki Committee designs law to compensate illegally sterilized people

The Czech Helsinki Committee (Český helsinský výbor – ČHV) has completed a bill to use as a basis for compensating the victims of illegally performed sterilizations. The NGO is now submitting the draft legislation to the political parties seated in the Czech Parliament as well as to the justice minister and is calling on them both to see through an ... Read More »

13.1.2014. – romea.cz: Commentary – Czech TV talk show contributes to anti-Romani sentiment

Last Thursday evening  the public channel Czech Television 1 broadcast an episode of Michaela Jílková’s “Máte slovo” (“You Have the Floor”) program on the topic of “Tightening up Welfare”. Romani activist Ivana Mariposa Čonková was in the studio audience and protested against the management of the program, whom she believes have grossly violated the public broadcasting statutes of Czech Television ... Read More »

13.1.2014. – romea.cz: Nominees for Czech ombud include Fischerová, Marvanová and Šabatová

Next month the Czech lower house will vote in a new Public Defender of Rights (or ombud) and there is a big chance that a female nominee will take up the post. The candidates are said to be former dissident Anna Šabatová, who will evidently be nominated by the Czech Senate; Táňa Fischerová, whom the ANO Movement intends to negotiate ... Read More »

8.1.2014. – romea.cz: Czech Republic – Romani victims of racist violence still waiting for compensation

Two Romani people from the Klatovy district continue to wait for the compensation awarded to them last November by the Regional Court in Plzeň. A total of six Romani people filed a civil lawsuit for protection of their personality rights over the trauma they experienced when violent racists Václav Boublík and Jiří Miškovič attacked them in July 2011. The court ... Read More »

8.1.2014. – romea.cz: Czech coalition government proposes Dienstbier for Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Minister

Representatives of ANO, the Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL) and the Czech Social Democrats (ČSSD) signed a coalition agreement on 6 January describing the principles of and program for the incoming coalition government’s work. The government should have 17 posts including prime minister and two ministers without portfolio. The leaders also published a list of their candidates for ministers in the new ... Read More »

6.1.2014. – romea.cz: Czech Republic: Art is fined, but flags defaced by sports fans don’t bother bureacrats

The artist Tomáš Rafa has been fined over his recent exhibition of Czech-Roma flags. The same treatment should of course be given to those who write the names of their towns on the state flag or otherwise deface it, as the law on the use of state symbols says the flag must never be soiled, torn, or written on. Source ... Read More »

6.1.2014. – romea.cz: Czech director of Association of Homeless Shelters on “A Night Outside”

In summer one can more or less live on the street, but in the winter it can cost you your life. In addition to a knapsack or plastic bag you also have to get yourself a blanket or a sleeping bag, and if you can’t find an old mattress, you need to collect enough cardboard boxes to make your own. ... Read More »