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23.5.2014, diskriminacija.ba – Equality is not a priority?

In Serbia is abolished Directorate for gender equality under excuse that it’s not a priority regarding the economic situation in country, with promise that it will be found more efficient institutional mechanism that will be dealing with these issues. Opposition and civil sector tried with amendments and appeals to prevent such decision, but without success and understanding. Already on the ... Read More »

19.5.2014, Vijesti Online – CEDEM: Laws agaisnt discrimination aren’t applied adequatly

Montenegro has progressed in creation of legislative frame in the area of protection of human rights and freedoms and prohibition of discrimination, but problem is inadequate appliance of laws, assessed author of Guideline for anti-discriminatory legislation Marijana Lakovic Draskovic. Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) presented today Guideline through anti-discriminatory legislation, which is created in cooperation with British embassy ... Read More »

3.2.2014. – inkluzija.gov.rs: Discriminatory attitudes present in institutions

More than one fifth of representatives of public authorities in Serbia don’t know that every form of discrimination is forbidden by law, and there’s great percentage of those who tolerate such behavior, that’s result of research that was presented by the office of Trustee for equality protection. Majority of employees in institutions is only declarative against discrimination and believe that ... Read More »

31.1.2014. – B92: Authorities don’t understand discrimination too

Research of the office of trustee for equality protection shows that great majority of representatives of public authorities don’t understand and don’t recognize discrimination. More than a fifth of representatives of public authorities in Serbia don’t know that every form of discrimination is forbidden by law, and there’s great percentage who tolerate such behavior, it’s result of this research. Research ... Read More »

27.1.2014. – ERIO: International Holocaust Remembrance Day – It’s urgent to stop the rising hate and discrimination against Roma

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, ERIO and ternYpe commemorate all victims and survivors of the Holocaust. This day represents an opportunity to remember the atrocities carried out by the  Nazi  regime  during  World  War  II.  Like  Jews,  homosexuals,  persons  with  disabilities,  Roma  and  Sinti  were brutally persecuted by the Nazi regime that considered them as “racially ... Read More »

20.1.2014. – wired-gov.net: Equality – EU rules to tackle discrimination now in place in all 28 EU Member States

European Union rules to tackle discrimination on grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age and sexual orientation have now been implemented by all Member States in national law. Now, further efforts are needed to apply them in practice. These are the key findings of a new report released by the European Commission recently. Source (English language): ... Read More »

7.1.2014. – Debating Europe: How can Europe end poverty and exclusion in the Roma community?

Twelve European governments (each with large Roma minorities) have committed to focusing more on eliminating discrimination against Roma and closing the gap in living conditions between Roma and the rest of society. We would like to hear your thoughts on this issue and what you think the role of the European Union should be (or should not be) in fighting ... Read More »

7.1.2014. – Spiegel: Europe failing to protect Roma from discrimination and poverty

More than 10 million Roma live in Europe. Tens of thousands of them are fleeing westwards from poverty and discrimination in the countries of southeastern Europe. But EU member states are failing to help them. Governments ignored the Roma for a long time. Germany had its integrated Sinti, France had the Manouches and Spain their Kale, but no one showed ... Read More »