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17.7.2014, ERRC – Romanian Roma Victimised by New Evictions

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and Romani Criss are deeply concerned about yesterday’s forced eviction in Eforie, Constanţa County, Romania. Following an eviction in September 2013, ten Romani families have once again been evicted under the direction of the deputy mayor of Eforie without due regard for Romanian and international law. This time, they have been moved to containers ... Read More »

15.7.2014, ERRC – Highest Court in Macedonia Upholds Freedom of Movement for all Macedonians, Including Roma

The Constitutional Court of Macedonia recently declared some sections of the controversial Law on Travel Documents unconstitutional. The Court’s 25 June 2014 ruling was made public yesterday. According to the Court, which is the highest judicial body in Macedonia, articles of the Law which allowed the authorities to impose severe restrictions on freedom of movement of Macedonian citizens are incompatible ... Read More »

10.7.2014, ERRC – France Continues to Evict Roma on a Massive Scale

France continues with its unlawful and costly policy of evicting Roma who have made use of their right to freedom of movement within the European Union from countries such as Romania. Between 1 April and 30 June 2014, 3,807 Roma were evicted from 40 different places. Fires in two settlements left 51 Roma homeless, while the French authorities implemented forced ... Read More »

2.7.2014, ERRC – ERRC Welcomes Irish Government’s Apology and Hopes this Will Set an Example for All Governments

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) welcomes the Irish Government’s multiple apologies regarding the unlawful removal of two Romani children from their families in October 2013 and the publication of the report by the Ombudsman for Children on the same matter. The ERRC urges the Irish authorities to develop the necessary policy and legal mechanisms, as suggested in the Ombudsman’s ... Read More »

25.6.2014, ERRC – Hungarian City Set to ‘Expel’ Its Roma

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is deeply concerned about a recent local government decree designed to expel Roma from Miskolc, a major city in Eastern Hungary. The ERRC sent its legal analysis to the European Commission to underline the unlawfulness of the action, urging the European Commission to take action against Hungary as its local decree is in breach ... Read More »

18.6.2014, ERRC – ERRC Urges French Authorities to Fully Investigate Lynching of Romani Minor

The European Roma Rights Centre expresses its deep concern regarding the brutal lynching of a 16-year-old Romani boy in France. The ERRC urges French authorities to investigate the attack, in particular any possible racial motivation, and to bring the perpetrators to justice. French President Francois Hollande condemned the attack as “unspeakable and unjustifiable” and wants “everything to be done” to ... Read More »

12.6.2014, ERRC – Romanian Court Judgment Affirms the Responsibility of Authorities to Provide Adequate Housing to Evicted Romani Community

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) welcomes the judgment of the Constanţa Court of Appeal in southern Romania which found that the Tulcea municipality is liable for inadequate housing conditions it had provided to a previously evicted Romani community. The court awarded financial compensation to the plaintiffs for the moral damage they suffered. The ERRC supported the evicted Romani community ... Read More »

23.5.2014, ERRC – The European Court of Human Rights is Questioning France’s Evictions Policy

The European Roma Rights Centre welcomes the European Court of Human Rights’ decision to hear the case of Hirtu and others v France, about the forced eviction of Romani families in early 2013. In response to complaints from Roma forcibly evicted from their homes, the Court will scrutinise France’s practice of forced evictions, and the way the French courts have responded ... Read More »

14.1.2014. – ERRC: Forced Evictions of Roma double in France, as Authorities Pursue Failed, Expensive Policy

French authorities forcibly evicted more than 21.537 Romani migrants in 2013, more than double the total for 2012. Law enforcement officers carried out 165 evictions affecting almost 19.380 people. There were 22 evictions due to fire, affecting 2.157 Roma. The figures, gathered by the Human Rights League (LDH) and the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), are not comprehensive. Many more ... Read More »

10.1.2014. – ERRC: Slovakia Police Misconduct Case – Charges Against Victims Dropped

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Košice I. has dropped criminal proceedings against a young Romani man who was accused of committing a criminal offence during a controversial police action at a Roma settlement. The District Prosecutor’s concluded that no criminal offence against the police had been committed during the police action in June 2013, in the Budulovska neighbourhood, Moldava nad Bodvou. ... Read More »