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19.6.2014, socialistworker.org – The message of the European elections

RECENT ELECTIONS for the European Parliament sharply underscored deepening political polarization and the continuing fracturing of political consensus among the 28 nation-state members of the European Union (EU)–fuelled by a traumatic debt crisis, austerity measures and intractable unemployment that are the consequence of the global financial meltdown of 2008. Some 43 percent of the EU’s 400 million eligible voters participated ... Read More »

1.6.2014, Fox News – EU elections: After gains by far right, does ‘political earthquake’ foreshadow grim future?

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls wasn’t exaggerating when he labeled last week’s European parliamentary elections a “political earthquake.” Valls and his colleagues awoke to a France that handed the National Front – Marine Le Pen’s “fascism with a pretty face” – a stunning victory. Her party won 26 percent of the vote – double that of the ruling Socialist Party. ... Read More »

30.5.2014, The Japan Times – EU voters send a message

The outcome of the recent European Parliament elections is described in press and political circles in Europe and North America as a shock or crisis, but the actual reaction is better named hysteria. What this vote has done is contribute 150 anti-”Europe” members to a parliamentary body numbering 751 seats in total, which has very little power over the functions ... Read More »

28.5.2014, Cihan – The new Europe

Last week’s European Parliament (EP) elections have revealed a number of sad but important truths about the EU’s current state. The political opinions in Europe in general and in member states individually tell us a lot about the EU’s future. Only 43.1 percent of potential voters cared to go to the polls, which means the turnout was almost the same ... Read More »

25.5.2014, Romedia Foundation – May 2014: Towards a European Parliament with more Romani representatives?

This May will prove to be a month with quite some bearing for Europe, filled to the brim with decisions that will spell out its future for years to come. During the 22nd  and the 25th of May, almost 400 million eligible citizens, from the 28 countries of the Union, have the opportunity to cast their ballot on who is ... Read More »

14.1.2014. – The Guardian: As the European elections approach, it’s time to stop the politics of cowardice

In the current climate, a suggestion for a more equal, democratic EU is branded a ‘Marxist manifesto for a European superstate’. European democracy will only be built by citizens throughout the continent engaging in productive debates about our common future. When that real conversation happens, more people will realise that advancing on many of the things we care most about ... Read More »