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17.7.2014, ENAR – Polish far-right MEP blasted for use of ’racist’ language

ENAR and MEPs have called on European parliament president Martin Schulz to take strong action against polish deputy Janusz Korwin-Mikke for making ’deeply unacceptable’ remarks. Following Wednesday’s debate on youth unemployment, MEPs call on far-right politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke to “apologise and step down” for using the word “nigger”. Source (English language): http://www.enar-eu.org/Polish-far-right-MEP-blasted-for   Read More »

9.7.2014, ENAR – Neo-Nazi takes seat on Parliament Civil Liberties Committee, Schulz furious

European Parliament President Martin Schulz, anti-racism campaigners and Jewish organisations are outraged that a neo-Nazi MEP has taken a seat on the Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee. Udo Voigt, the former leader of the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD), has praised Adolf Hitler, was convicted for glorifying the Waffen SS, and infamously claimed “no more than 340,000 Jews” ... Read More »

1.7.2014, ENAR – Joint statement for a strong Intergroup on anti-racism in the European Parliament

As the first plenary session of the new European Parliament takes place this week, ENAR and 95 European and national civil society organisations issue a joint statement calling on MEPs and political groups to establish a strong intergroup on anti-racism in the European Parliament. The progression of far-right parties or parties propagating xenophobic and racist ideas – with 80 MEPs ... Read More »

26.5.2014, romea.cz – EP: Two Roma MEPs elected

Roma people will occupy a total of two seats in the newly-elected European Parliament (EP). Soraya Post, a Roma activist and human rights fighter from Sweden, led the candidate list of the Feminist Initiative to victory yesterday. Post will also continue in her position as Vice-Chair of the European Roma and Travellers Forum as well. The other MEP of Roma ... Read More »