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13.7.2014, TANJUG – Roma for two months in collective center, Vulin visited them

LAZAREVAC – More than 90 people, mostly Roma from Veliki Crljeni, live already for two months in collective accommodation in Lazarevac sports center because they were left without roof over head in floods in May. They were visited today by the minister for work, employment and social issues Aleksandar Vulin, who also brought help for them. Majority of them is ... Read More »

4.7.2014, juznasrbija.info – Help for flooded Roma households

Public communal company “Trznice” from Nis, in cooperation with the Roma association from Prokuplje and Expert’s service of local communities of municipality of Prokuplje, have provided humanitarian help for households of Roma nationality that suffered damage in floods. – After catastrophic floods in Serbia, management of Nis city, which is a founder of JKP “Trznice”, have decided to put a ... Read More »

12.6.2014, inkluzija.gov.rs – Children for flooded areas in collective accommodation

We transfer announcement of the Network of organizations for children of Serbia – MODS regarding the unequal relation towards children from the flooded areas, conditions in collective accommodations in which is located great number of children and parents owing to which is jeopardized life, health and regular development of children, because of which children are exposed to additional trauma.. “Network ... Read More »

11.6.2014, Blic – They lust for home, which was carried away by flood

More than half dozen of state and city institutions doesn’t succeed almost for half a month to agree who is relevant to care about Roma who got displaced after floods and whose twelve children are still in the shelter, without daily light and natural ventilation. Citizens of Obrenovac, jeopardized with floods, who had been at first point placed in Belgrade ... Read More »

2.6.2014, Blic – Jagodina: Italians are helping, but Roma too

President of the Assembly of Jagodina city Dragan Markovic Palma said today that from donors came 2.7 million dinars for removal of consequences of floods on the territory of city, but also Italian companies “Andrea Confesione” announced donation of one million dinars and company “Vibak” donation of 10.000 EUR. Markovic highlighted that KUD “Rom” from Jagodine collected and brought 35.000 ... Read More »

30.5.2014, Novi Magazin – It’s urgent to relocate people from shelters without daylight and ventilation

Company Public shelters proposes urgent relocation of group of citizens of Roma nationality who are settled in the shelter in street Goce Delceva 46 in Novi Beograd. In letter by Shelter’s director Vladan Skadric is stated that group of twenty children and 11 men and women is settled in late evening 23rd May on request of director of Center for ... Read More »

29.5.2014, ljudskaprava.gov.rs – Information about activities of Office for human and minorities’ rights undertaken for sake of support to jeopardized population in areas that had been caught with floods

Office for human and minorities’ rights has realized in period between 15th May 2014, when the Government of Republic of Serbia, on proposal of Republic headquarter for emergency situations, it proclaimed emergency situation on territory of entire country, an entire array of activities so that it could help jeopardized population on territories that had been caught with floods. Office did ... Read More »

23.5.2014, NIAR – Telegram to the president and Government of Serbia

Regardin the tragedy that h tragedije kojait Serbia and besides immeasurable damage caused the loss of human lifes, Journalistic-informative agency of Roma sent a telegram of condolence to the president of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic and prime-minister Aleksandar Vucic. Bajram Haliti, editor in chief, on behalf of all NIAR’s associates from country and abroad in the text of telegram expressed the ... Read More »

23.5.2014, NIAR – Appeal by World Roma Organization

President of World Roma Organization Jovan Damjanovic addressed members (29 of them) in today’s letter that was sent regarding the catastrophe that hit Serbia, in which he appealed on them to engage themselves in collecting of every form of humanitarian support to the suffered people of Serbia and BiH. What’s needed mostly are resources for disinfection and personal hygiene, conserved ... Read More »

23.5.2014, NIAR – Egyptians care about suffered

National council of Egyptian national minority in Serbia accepted in Zemun polje 3 families from Obrenovac with total of 25 members. According to the Agima Ajra, Council’s president, they will stay there until the conditions for normal return to homes aren’t achieved. Today at 15h Council will share humanitarian support appropriated for suffered ones. (NIAR)   Read More »