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22.5.2014, OK radio – Support coming from Roma from Banja too

Fifteen young people from Vranjska Banja established a board for collection of support in goods and money. They’ve organized gathering of donations on Wednesday and Thursday in settlement “Ogos” and after that also in settlements “Saglamci”, “Burdinci” and “Jariste” in that municipality. – People were bringing goods that is necessary for suffered population from flooded cities. From the money that ... Read More »

22.5.2014, Blic – Roma from Kosovska Mitrovica gave social support to those jeopardized from floods

Approx. 80 Roma from Fabricka street in Kosovska Mitrovica gave 40.000 din on the special bank account of Government of Serbia for help for the areas that are jeopardized with floods. As the portal KosSev from Kosovska Mitrovica transfers, these Roma paid gave its social support that is their main, and often even only source of income. “Eighty of us ... Read More »

21.5.2014, RTS – Roma from Nis joined the help cause

Humanity in Serbia is these days shown by everyone – both rich ones and those without income and job. Today Roma from Nis, who live on the edge of existence, joined the gathering of humanitarian help. Majority of hundred Roma families, who live in mahala Crvena zvezda, receive social support. Part of money that they received for this month they ... Read More »

21.5.2014, Blic – Vranje’s Roma sent help to the ones hit with floods

Vranje’s Roma answered today to humanitarian action for help to the citizens of flooded areas. They brought in humanitarian action help on Trg slobode in Vranje’s settlement Gornja Carsija. Bellow the monument to the magician of Serbia trumpet Bakija Bakic were gathered significant amounts of food for children and babies, bottled driking water, clothing and hygienic resources. Source: http://www.blic.rs/Vesti/Srbija/467261/Vranjski-Romi-poslali-pomoc-poplavljenima   Read More »

20.5.2014, NIAR – Diaspora for afflicted ones

Our diaspora from entire world began organized to send humanitarian help in food, hygienic packets and clothes and footwear. Besides them, many foreign citizens shown great solidarity with catastrophic situation in Serbia. (NIAR) Read More »

20.5.2014, NIAR – Entire world helps Serbia

Ministry of internal affairs of Serbia announced that humanitarian help is arriving from hour to hour from entire world. After Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and countries from the region, help also arrived from UN and it is being expected from OSCE and Japan too. (NIAR) Read More »

20.5.2014, Puls – Goran Bregovic donated 20.000 EUR and asks for help for Roma

Famous musician Goran Bregovic joined the action of gathering help for those who are jeopardized in floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is one from the great number of celebrities who didn’t waste any time but immediately started donating money. His help isn’t small. Brega donated 20.000 EUR. – Convoys started moving yesterday and, according to the info ... Read More »

Threat from floods is still not gone

IT’S BELGTADE TURN   Top of the flood wave is expected on Friday, 23rd May, but estimates is that risk to see catastrophe is smaller than expected. “Danube is in growth and it affects on the water level of Sava all the way to Obrenovac, while from the other side there are still great amounts of water in the riverbed ... Read More »

19.5.2014, NIAR – Jaundice threatens

Relevant experts’ services warn on possibilities of apparition of infections. Consuming of solely bottled drinking water and maintenance of personal hygiene are the most important in preventive of apparition of infective diseases and epidemics. One of the dangerous consequences of these catastrophes is increased risk for apparition of epidemics and infection diseases due to the pollution of sources of drinking ... Read More »

19.5.2014, NIAR – “At least to bury them properly”

Besides real doubt that he’s left without wife and child, young man for days rescue people in Obrenovac.  Citizen of Obrenovac Slobodan Nedeljkovic Dzambo (25) still don’t know what’s the destiny of his wife and two year old son, but he tirelessly for days without sleep participate in rescuing of jeopardized citizens. Last thing he knows about them is that ... Read More »