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1.7.2014, romea.cz – Greece now prosecuting all MPs of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party

The Greek justice system has initiated the criminal prosecution of the last of the 16 MPs from the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. Charges including membership in a criminal organization have been filed against all of the party’s legislators. Half of those charged, including party leader Nikos Michaloliakos, have been in custody for months. The last MP charged is Artemis Mattheopulos, ... Read More »

30.5.2014, The Japan Times – EU voters send a message

The outcome of the recent European Parliament elections is described in press and political circles in Europe and North America as a shock or crisis, but the actual reaction is better named hysteria. What this vote has done is contribute 150 anti-”Europe” members to a parliamentary body numbering 751 seats in total, which has very little power over the functions ... Read More »

28.5.2014, tportal.hr – These are the ‘worst of the worst’ who are going to the Brussels

In new convocation of European Parliament will seat representatives of various Europhobic, extremists and even neo-Nazi parties. We are bringing a review of the worst ones, amongst whom are various satraps, xenophobs, anti-semits, Roma persecuters and haters of all forms. Although in Greece in previous five years happened many ugly things, probably there’s nothing worse than the rise of neo-Nazi ... Read More »