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29.6.2014, Novi Magazin – Commemoration for 40.000 victims of Jadovno

On the area of former death camp Jadovno, near Gospic, today had been held a commemoration for around 40.000 victims of that camp, mostly Serbs, but also Jews and Roma after 1941. Delegates of president of Croatia as well of Croatian Government and Council have laid down wreaths to the memorial, while on behalf of Government of Serbia minister for ... Read More »

22.6.2014, Vecernje novosti – Remembrance day in Jadovno: commemoration to 32 scaffolds

On Velebit was marked a day of remembrance to terrible crimes in Jadovno. Wreaths had been laid down – from Serbia, RS, Slovenia, Croatia… With commemorative meeting and dirge, at the Saranova Jama on Velebit, yesterday was marked the “Remembrance day to Jadovno 1941”. Descendants of the victims, but also a hundred citizens from Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Croatia and Slovenia, ... Read More »