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9.7.2014, worldbulletin.net – Outside forces help stoke anti-Roma tension in Polish town

Events in Andrychow indicate that Jobbik – snubbed even by many west European far-right parties as anti-Semitic and racist – is spreading its ideology beyond Hungary’s borders, in this case to Poland, by far the biggest and most influential ex-Soviet bloc state in the European Union. The Roma have never got on particularly well with their neighbours in this Polish ... Read More »

15.6.2014, worldjewishcongress.org – Budapest convention: Lauder speaks out against growing assault on Christians

Reciting a litany of assaults on Christians around the world, World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder has told a large-scale gathering of Israel’s Christian allies that he would continue to speak out against the violence and oppression that is engulfing Christians, especially in the Middle East. “I will speak out across the globe with world leaders and with ordinary ... Read More »

14.6.2014, Vecernje novosti – Deputy of Hungarian right-wing Jobbik opens an office

Deputy of right-wing party Jobbik in the parliament of Hungary Ištvan Savai will open a reception office in Subotica, announced informative portal on Hungarian language “Vojvodina danas”. Savai and Jobbik’s group organizer for Vojvodina Ervin Kiš explained that, after the Jobbik group for Vojvodina had to close its office in Subotica “under scandalous conditions”, it was decided to open a ... Read More »

6.6.2014, ibtimes.co.uk – Hungary Court Forbids Calling Jobbik ‘Far-Right’

Hungary’s ultra-nationalist Jobbik party cannot be described as “far-right” by broadcasters according to a controversial ruling by the country’s top court. The supreme court stated that commercial TV channel ATV breached the law when it called Jobbik a “parliamentary far-right party” in 2012 because it expressed an opinion and not a well-known fact. Jobbik said ATV violated the statutory ban ... Read More »

30.5.2014, The Japan Times – EU voters send a message

The outcome of the recent European Parliament elections is described in press and political circles in Europe and North America as a shock or crisis, but the actual reaction is better named hysteria. What this vote has done is contribute 150 anti-”Europe” members to a parliamentary body numbering 751 seats in total, which has very little power over the functions ... Read More »

28.5.2014, tportal.hr – These are the ‘worst of the worst’ who are going to the Brussels

In new convocation of European Parliament will seat representatives of various Europhobic, extremists and even neo-Nazi parties. We are bringing a review of the worst ones, amongst whom are various satraps, xenophobs, anti-semits, Roma persecuters and haters of all forms. Although in Greece in previous five years happened many ugly things, probably there’s nothing worse than the rise of neo-Nazi ... Read More »

27.5.2014, ERIO – Time to act and counteract the alarming rise of far-right and neo-Nazi parties in the European Parliament

In the aftermath of the European elections, exit polls are now becoming real scores. These  watershed elections have brought about a deep shock in many parts of Europe, with Eurosceptic,  far-right and neo-Nazi parties rising throughout the continent. The European Roma Information Office, as an organisation defending the rights of the Roma  minority and promoting its full inclusion in Europe, ... Read More »

8.2.2014. – European Jewish Press: Calls to ban Hungarian extreme-right Jobbik party to hold political rally in former synagogue

Efforts are underway to prevent Hungarian extreme-right and anti-Semitic party Jobbikto hold next week a political assembly  in a building that used to be a synagogue in the city ofEsztergom. The entire Jewish community in this city located 46 km (29 miles) north of Budapest, was killed during the Holocaust. The synagogue today is operated by the local government as ... Read More »

29.1.2014. – subotica.com: Third Serbia – Jobbik is present in Serbia already for 5 years

Announcement of political organization “Third Serbia”:  Few days after the incident that “Jobbik” facilitated, we believe that it’s very important to meet the publicity of our city and country with reasons why should it be worried with occurrence of this movement. It’s about party “Movement for better Hungary” established in 2003, which publicly propagate antisemitism, racism and ideas of Mikloš ... Read More »

26.1.2014. – Telegraf: SVM shocked with opening of the office of Hungarian fascists in Subotica

Federation of Vojvodina’s Hungarians strongly condemns leadership of Jobbik because, as it’s stated, “they are trying to promote themselves in Vojvodina and pave its way to electors by using young people, who are barely twenty years old”. After right-wing Jobbik has opened its office in Subotica yesterday, from SVM said to that and those parties of Vojvodina’s Hungarians, for whom ... Read More »