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15.7.2014, ERRC – Highest Court in Macedonia Upholds Freedom of Movement for all Macedonians, Including Roma

The Constitutional Court of Macedonia recently declared some sections of the controversial Law on Travel Documents unconstitutional. The Court’s 25 June 2014 ruling was made public yesterday. According to the Court, which is the highest judicial body in Macedonia, articles of the Law which allowed the authorities to impose severe restrictions on freedom of movement of Macedonian citizens are incompatible ... Read More »

27.6.2014, Al Jazeera Balkans – Emra Kurtisova cannot travel because she is – a Roma

Actress from Skopje Emra Kurtisova wasn’t allowed to board on the plane for Germany on Skopje airport. Macedonia is in general regarded as multi-national and multi-confessional state with expressively varied ethnic coloring that is often presented by medias as the great richness of that country. And so it is. Diversity is richness, indeed. However, everything on the world has its ... Read More »

20.6.2014, novini.mk – Roma actress accuse border police for discrimination

Young actress Emra Kurtisova accused in the statement for magazine “Fokus” border police for discrimination, stating that the only reason while she wasn’t allowed yesterday to travel to Germany in visit to her sister is because she is a Roma. She states for the Internet edition of political magazine Fokus that “there didn’t exist any other reason due to which ... Read More »

17.6.2014, OSCE – OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities calls on political leaders in Skopje to unite and act to preserve stability

On a visit to Skopje, Kumanovo and Tetovo from 10-13 June 2014, the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Astrid Thors expressed serious concern with regard to recurring outbreaks of inter-ethnic incidents in the country. She noted that of immediate concern is the verdict in the 2012 Smiljkovci Lake murder case, which is expected to be delivered tomorrow, 18 June, ... Read More »

16.6.2014, Tanjug – Macedonian a new prime-minister of all Roma of the world

SKOPLJE – Macedonian Zoran Dimov (48) is a new prime-minister of all Roma of the world, writes today Macedonian portal Tajm. Congress of international Roma organization elected him for the prime-minister of world Roma government, which was  held at the beginning of June in Romanian town of Sibia, on which participated Roma from 38 countries. Dimov, alias owner of local ... Read More »

10.6.2014, NIAR – Delegation of European Roma Rights Center visited Macedonia

Delegation of European Roma Rights Center composed by Andrea Colak, advisor and consultant, Tefik Mahmut, educator and Adam Vajs, director have met in Macedonia with Roma and other NGOs which are dedicated to Roma rights. Possibilities for the long-term cooperation had been considered, because Macedonia is in the center of ERRC’s interest in next period. Delegation has visited Prilep and ... Read More »

29.5.2014, plusinfo.mk – First verdict for confirmed discrimination of Macedonian border authorities

Second primary court in Skopje has confirmed violation of right on equality in practice of border service to limit the right of specific categories of people to leave the territory of Republic of Macedonia under unjustified doubt that they are fake asylum seekers. Second primary court in Skopje, as the Macedonian association of young lawyers (MZMP) says, brought decision in ... Read More »

28.5.2014, OSCE – OSCE Mission to Skopje trains education experts on mediation in schools

As part of the efforts to establish a functional school mediation system, the OSCE Mission to Skopje and the NGO Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD), are organizing an advanced course on mediation in schools in Struga from 28 May to 1 June 2014. During the five day course, some 30 high school teachers, pedagogues, and other professional staff from education ... Read More »

11.1.2014. – osce.org: OSCE Mission to Skopje provides legal information on social rights to Roma community

The OSCE Mission to Skopje organized a series of four legal information sessions for the Roma community in Skopje, with the last one held on 25 November 2013. The sessions tackled a number of legal issues concerning the Roma community, including timely registration of births, access to social rights such as social aid and health care, and employment. The participants ... Read More »