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28.5.2014, romea.cz – Czech dramaturg resigns after moderators humiliate Romani musicians on live tv

The legendary Czech-Romani funk band Gulo Čar and the Slovak reggae-punk band Smola a Hrušky issued a joint press release yesterday protesting the way in which the moderators of the “Tečka páteční noci” program on Czech Television handled their appearance last Friday just before midnight. The bands say moderator Martin Dušek made humiliating, xenophobic remarks to them during the broadcast. “The moderators ... Read More »

21.5.2014, romea.cz – Czech Republic: “Hating the Roma won’t make your life better”

The following the story of a man who was brutally beaten because he is Roma, and it is worth publishing for several reasons. As a supervisor, he was responsible for evaluating the work of a colleague, which makes this a fairly banal story – except that he is Romani and the man he supervises is a member of the ultra-right. ... Read More »