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2.7.2014, evropa.gov.rs – Training for the creation of business plans as support for employment of Roma men and women

Program of support of employment of Roma men and women is created within the project “We are here together – European support for Roma inclusion”, which is funded by European Union and realized by the OSCE Mission to Serbia. After mapping current successful economic initiatives for employment of Roma entrepreneurs at the beginning of 2014, during June had been organized ... Read More »

30.6.2014, NIAR – It is necessary to employ more Roma associates

On sympozium “Our neighbors and Roma” Prof Dr Rajko Djuric highlighted the possibility of establishing the Inter-cultural council in Serbia, just like in majority of European countries, which would be a bridge between authorities and citizens, especially members of jeopardized national minorities. In all ministries, especially in ministry of education, culture, social protection, internal and foreign affairs, should be employed ... Read More »

6.6.2014, NIAR – There are no provided measures for employment and economic strengthening of Roma

Measures of active Roma employment haven’t been realized because the gray economy and collecting and resale of waste are still the basis of existence of majority of Roma families: majority of citizens of Roma nationality (88.1%) who are registered on the evidence of National employment service haven’t been every sent to talk at employer; affirmative measures by which is encouraged ... Read More »

27.5.2014, Human Rights Action – Still without political will for fundamental changes in Montenegrin society

Although the normative frame in the area of reform of justice and human rights is improved, insufficiently strengthened and/or efficient institutional mechanisms and inadequate appliance of normative frame in practice makes the condition in these areas only somewhat acceptable. Joint characteristic of current situation in all mentioned areas is lack of political will to achieve fundamental positive changes. Lack of ... Read More »

20.5.2014, Dan Online – Devastating statistics in report about realization of employment action plan

PODGORICA -According to data of Employment Bureau (ZZZ), there had been 7.058 persons or 20,05 percent of unemployed on the evidence of unemployed, out of total of 34.514 persons without jobs, which represents increase of 0,25 percent compared to 2012. That was determined in report about realization of employment action plan and development of human resources in 2013, which was ... Read More »

5.2.2014. – rfi.fr: Young Roma gain work experience in France

Since 1 January Romanians and Bulgarians have been to apply for any job in Europe. This includes France’s estimated 20,000-30,000 Roma. But few have had regular schooling and many cannot read and write French, so job opportunities are limited, plus there’s discrimination. The recently launched Romcivic project aims to give young Roma living in the slums work experience … helping other members ... Read More »

28.1.2014. – inkluzija.gov.rs: Call for participation in the program of support for employment of Roma men and women

Project Technical support for Roma inclusion is funded by European Union, and realized by the OSCE’s mission in Serbia. One of the project’s objectives is increase of employment of Roma men and women. To achieve a given goal, OSCE’s mission in Serbia and its project partner – Sekons – Group for developmental initiative will realize the mapping of successful economic ... Read More »

10.1.2014. – biznis.ba: 800 unemployed will get a job through the “800+” program

Two employment programs “800+” and Program of training, retraining and additional training of unemployed persons and co-funding of high-school education had been officially presented in Sarajevo… Minister for work, social policy, displaced persons and refugees of Kanton Sarajevo Muamer Bandic said that Program of employment co-funding “800+” is related to employment of 800 persons from the evidence of unemployed persons, ... Read More »