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4.7.2014, RTCG – Roma and Egyptians shouldn’t abandon school

Montenegro – In the Ministry for human and minority rights today have been signed a Memorandum about cooperation between that ministry, Fund for Roma Education, Institute for Schooling and NGO Institute for social inclusion. As they announced from the Ministry, Memorandum is result of previous very good cooperation between mentioned institutions and it will help Roma and Egyptian children to ... Read More »

1.7.2014, Vijesti Online – Roma cattlewoman don’t have where to go: I am going to beggars

“I was always against begging, but now I am thinking to remove every sheep and lamb until autumn, to put a bag on my shoulder…go from home to home and beg.” Although it is talked about her as a non-typical Roma woman, it appears that Slavka Adzovic from Niksic will be forced to accept what she had been trying for ... Read More »

28.6.2014, kodex.me – Radovic: Roma are faced with great discrimination

Although some progress had been realized in relation with position of Roma in Montenegrin society, there are still present numerous issues that make this community difficult to integrate and have  more quality life. Roma still aren’t accepted from side of other citizens as equal, and recent researches of ethnic distance indicate that – where every second citizen do not want ... Read More »

20.6.2014, RTCG – Easier enrollment for minorities to the faculty

University of Montenegro’s Rectorate, Minsitry for human and minority rights and representatives of minority national communities signed a memorandum that will contribute that members of minorities are equally represented during the enrollment to faculty. Memorandum had been signed by the rector of University of Montenegro Predrag Miranovic, minister for human and minority rights in the Government of Montenegro Suad Numanovic, ... Read More »

11.6.2014, Dan Online – Only five percent of Roma employed

In Montenegro only five to seven percent of Roma is employed, 1.118 persons is on the Work bureau out of which 471 are women, it was announced on the seminar “Local approach, concrete approach” whose objective was to present fundamental Roma issues. Chief of Delegation of European Union in Podgorica Mitja Drobnič said that regulation of Roma legal status is ... Read More »

11.6.2014, RTCG – “Mis Pat” should be opened through negotiations with EU

Civic Alliance (GA) convicted the cover-up of tragedy known as “Mis Pat”, when in Montenegrin territorial waters sunk ship with officially 35 Roma. On that occasion, GA called on the Delegation of European Union to insist through the accession negotiations on comprehensive research of case and punishing of all those who performed obstruction of the case. “GA requests to make ... Read More »

10.6.2014, Pobjeda – Regulation of legal status the key of Roma integration

Montenegro’s priority, but also priority of countries in the region, should be the regulating of Roma legal status, because that’s the prerequisite for solving of other problems of that population, said chief of European Union delegation in Podgorica Mitja Drobnič. He stated on the seminar “Local approach, concrete approach” that was organized by the EU delegation so that problems with ... Read More »

27.5.2014, Vijesti Online – GA: Number of members of minority nations on leadership functions worries

Research that was realized by the Civic Alliance (GA) has shown worrying results in regard of the representation of members of minority nations on leadership functions in executive authority. “Out of 110 lead functions in the Government of Montenegro (president, vice-president, ministers, directors of directorates, chief of staff and advisors of prime-minister, secretary general and his deputy, assistant and advisor) ... Read More »

27.5.2014, Human Rights Action – Still without political will for fundamental changes in Montenegrin society

Although the normative frame in the area of reform of justice and human rights is improved, insufficiently strengthened and/or efficient institutional mechanisms and inadequate appliance of normative frame in practice makes the condition in these areas only somewhat acceptable. Joint characteristic of current situation in all mentioned areas is lack of political will to achieve fundamental positive changes. Lack of ... Read More »

20.5.2014, Dan Online – Devastating statistics in report about realization of employment action plan

PODGORICA -According to data of Employment Bureau (ZZZ), there had been 7.058 persons or 20,05 percent of unemployed on the evidence of unemployed, out of total of 34.514 persons without jobs, which represents increase of 0,25 percent compared to 2012. That was determined in report about realization of employment action plan and development of human resources in 2013, which was ... Read More »